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See How the Sausage Gets Made at Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria

Meet Bernardo Flores. He's the master butcher at Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria, the Italian market and restaurant that's continued to impress us with the breadth of its breakfast, bread, dinner, dessert, and charcuterie. I got to watch Bernardo in action as he made fresh sausage, dry salumi, and other cured items of deliciousness from several hundred pounds of hogs. Take a look inside to see. More

A Sandwich a Day: Sausage of the Day at Butcher Bar in Astoria

Go to Butcher Bar for the barbecue, and go back again for the barbecue you missed the first time. Just don't miss any of the excellent housemade sausage on either of your mandatory visits. Smoked meat may take center stage here, but the tender, highly seasoned sausage in a snappy casing is really a beautiful thing. Butcher Bar rotates their sausage selection daily, but you can usually find sweet and hot (my favorite) Italian sausages in the display case. More

Lunch Today: Loukaniko at Souvlaki GR

The loukaniko ($10) at Souvlaki GR is worthy champion of the loukaniko tradition. Pick your seasoning—orange or leek (we went with the former)—and get ready for a hulking plate of crisp, sliced sausage and plenty of fries. A side of tzatziki for dipping is a must. Take note that loukaniko is supposed to be a little dry and granular, but that just means it's more meaty than fatty. And a little cured meat funky in the best of ways. More

Smokin' Smoked Sausage

For me, the one revelation at the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party was the Southside Market's Smoked Beef Sausage. They call it "Elgin Hot Sausage," but in actuality it doesn't have much of a kick at all. I spent a... More

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