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It's Your Last Chance for New Catch Holland Herring at Russ & Daughters

Max Falkowitz 7 comments

This year's season got off to a late start and is now drawing to a close, so take note: if you want some of Russ & Daughters' 2013 supply of new catch Holland herring, now's your chance. In the know herring lovers: hurry! Herring novices, or those who think they don't like herring: this is your introductory fish. More

Staff Picks: NYC Food Institutions We Can't Live Without

The Serious Eats Team 17 comments

We've been talking and reading about the imminent closing of Hinsch's, the Bay Ridge institution—and reading our share of odes to the place. Which got us thinking about our own beloved New York icons: which ones can we just not live without? And if they were to close, would New York still be our New York? Here are our picks for the food institutions that help define our city. More

Gift Guide: Easy to Ship, Only in New York Foods

Max Falkowitz 6 comments

Shopping for a New York expat? Convincing a buddy to move here? You can't send New York attitude or that creeping feeling of paying godknowshowmuch for a studio apartment—but you can send proper pastrami. And smoked fish. And any number of the city's top cookies. Here are nine Only in New York food businesses—traditional and new—that will take care of all the shipping for you to deliver your gifts nationwide. More

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Maggie's East Village

Maggie Hoffman 6 comments

We write about restaurants all over the city. But sometimes, you don't want to travel for food; you want the best eats right in your neighborhood. So we're having the Serious Eats staff share where they eat around their own 'hoods. Today? Serious Drinks and Sweets editor Maggie Hoffman! More

Our 5 Favorite Puddings in NYC

Kathy YL Chan 4 comments

From a caramelized tapioca topped in sweet basil seeds, to a banana pudding with a fat tempura-fried banana as the crowning touch, our city has no shortage of excellent puddings. There's a chocolate chip-studded number from Sugar Sweet Sunshine (in addition to their classic banana pudding, of course!); a bagel pudding from Russ & Daughters; and an al dente housemade rice pudding. More

Gift Guide: New York Food

Carey Jones 8 comments

Whether you live in the city and you're sending a loved one New York's best, or you're bringing an expat New Yorker memories of home, there are all sorts of quintessential NYC eats. More

Dutch New Herring with Beer Pairings at Jimmy’s No. 43

Joe DiStefano 3 comments

"There is nothing quite as surreal as seeing a crowd of well-dressed Dutch drinking beer and dropping fish into their mouths. " The time-honored technique for enjoying New Catch Holland Herring, or “Hollandse Nieuwe,” as modeled by Niki Russ Federman... More

Jewish Food Authorities Weigh in on Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray

Joe DiStefano 20 comments

It's hard to believe but Niki Russ Federman, the fourth-generation manager of that venerable temple of appetizing, Russ & Daughter’s, cannot stomach the taste of Dr.Brown’s Cel-Ray soda. Yes, it's true. I discovered this startling nugget of information while... More

Serious Eats Gift Guide: New York Food

Erin Zimmer 10 comments

This gift guide is for the New York food lover. Recipients can be New York expats or those who've never actually lived in the city but have come to appreciate quintessential Gotham foods. This year we've added a Brooklyn element, since there are so many skilled bakers, picklers, and cheesemakers opening shops and popping up at neighborhood farmers' markets, contributing to the budding artisan food scene in the borough. More

Russ & Daughters Meshugge Sandwich is Crazy Good

Joe DiStefano 4 comments

Russ & Daughters has been hand-slicing fish on Manhattan’s Lower East side for more than twice as long as I’ve been alive—since 1914 to be specific. As a lover of smoked fish and caviar I’m ashamed to admit I’ve... More

Sugar Rush: Chocolate Covered Halvah Bar at Russ & Daughters

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 4 comments

Meet Russ & Daughter's Chocolate Covered Halvah Bar. Not quite a candy bar, not just halvah alone, but a combination of all of it in the best possible formula. Priced at just under $2, it is quite possibly one... More

Village Voice's Chopped Liver Taste Test

Ed Levine 1 comment

The Village Voice's new food blogger (replacing the terrific Nina Lalli) Sarah DiGregorio held a chopped liver taste test. The winners: Russ & Daughters and Katz's tied for first place. The 2nd Avenue Deli didn't fare so well. Neither did... More

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