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A Sandwich A Day: Pulled Portobello at Rub BBQ

A Sandwich a Day Sam Levison Post a comment

Chelsea's Rub BBQ sells a rarity in New York barbecue restaurants: a vegetarian main dish worth eating. More

The Best Barbecue Pork Ribs in Manhattan

James Boo 25 comments

Has New York become a rib town? We set out to answer this by trying seven pork ribs in Manhattan. Who runs the best rack-et in this city? And how do these ribs stack up to other ribs on the barbecue trail outside of New York City? More

Super Bowl Giveaway: Pig Pickin' and Wings from RUB

Carey Jones Closed

[Photo: Robyn Lee] One New York spot we can wholeheartedly endorse for your Super Bowl takeout needs is RUB BBQ. We love the burnt ends, we love the smoked ribs—but we're really crazy about the whole pork butt. So,... More

Shake Shack, Bill's, and RUB: It's Rainin' Smashed Burgers In This Burg

Ed Levine 24 comments

Top: Bill's Bar and Burger; bottom, left to right: Shake Shack and RUB. [Photographs: Robyn Lee (Bill's Bar and Burger and Shake Shack) and Nick Solares (RUB)] Right now, at this moment, it's raining burgers in this burg. And... More

Musings on the State of NYC 'Cue

Ed Levine 3 comments

A reader has asked me for my list of top five barbecue joints in NYC. What are yours? This is one everyone has an opinion on. The more pertinent question is whether there are even five barbecue joints in NY... More

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