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Robicelli's Cookbook Video Shows True Love, Extreme Cupcake Violence

Max Falkowitz 3 comments

Yesterday we saw the polished and pretty promo video for Gramercy Tavern's upcoming cookbook. Today, in celebration of their own cookbook release, cupcake bakers (and married couple) Allison and Matt Robicelli have released a promo video as well. Unlike Gramercy Tavern's it involves a lot of animated and physical cupcake-based violence, a scene in space with a farting rocket bunny, and there's a jazzy soundtrack, and just...take a look at some screenshots to see what I mean. More

A Tour of Bay Ridge with Allison Robicelli

Max Falkowitz 23 comments

Cupcake baker turned humanitarian organizer and cookbook author Allison Robicelli has spent her whole life in Bay Ridge, and though she keeps saying she'll leave some day, she always asks herself, "Where would I go?" We asked her to give us a tour of some of her favorite neighborhood spots, and as a few quick bites with a doomed attempt at restraint soon turned into a gut-busting night of eating, we were reminded why Bay Ridge is one of Brooklyn's most fun and inviting food neighborhoods. More

Buy a Robicelli's Brownie, Help Fany Gerson's La Newyorkina Recover from Sandy

Max Falkowitz Post a comment

New York's food artisan community is working together to help Fany Gerson of La Newyorkina recover after she lost everything to hurricane Sandy. Here's one way to help: buy a cinnamon and goat milk caramel brownie from Robicelli's. More

Gift Guide: Easy to Ship, Only in New York Foods

Max Falkowitz 6 comments

Shopping for a New York expat? Convincing a buddy to move here? You can't send New York attitude or that creeping feeling of paying godknowshowmuch for a studio apartment—but you can send proper pastrami. And smoked fish. And any number of the city's top cookies. Here are nine Only in New York food businesses—traditional and new—that will take care of all the shipping for you to deliver your gifts nationwide. More

Gift Guide: Locally Made Treats from NYC Food Artisans

Food Artisans Stephanie Klose 1 comment

Whether you're looking for an office grab-bag gift or a substantial present for someone you adore, there's something from New York's food artisans that'll meet your needs. More

Bay Ridge Cares Kitchen: Sandy Relief Through Feeding the Soul

Chris E. Crowley 3 comments

The all-volunteer Bay Ridge Cares Kitchen is churning out hundreds of meals a week to nourish those hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy. As organizer Allison Robicelli and volunteer Francis Lam point out, it's about more than a hot meal: it's about feeding the soul. More

More Than Just Cupcakes: Robicelli's Bakery on the Front Line of Sandy Relief

Chris E. Crowley 7 comments

Despite significant damage to their own business, cupcake bakers Allison and Matt Robicelli have been working without sleep for days to support South Brooklyn, Staten Island, and other areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy. More

8 New Cupcake Shops (and Cupcakes) We Love in NYC

Kathy YL Chan 14 comments

Since the last time we checked out the cupcake scene in New York City, a bunch of new shops have opened up. So today, here are eight cupcake spots we love that have opened since our last crazy tour of cupcakes in the city. From chocolate and vanilla to much crazier flavors, we've got 'em all. More

Sugar Rush's Top 10 Sweet Snacks of 2010

Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

They always say it's the little things that make a big difference—and that is especially true when it comes to afternoon sweets. A Stroopwafel over a mug of office coffee, a little bag of Honeycomb candies, a pint of Kulfi-Pistachio Cardamom Ice Cream. The smallest things can turn a bad day better, and a good day amazing. More

Sugar Rush: Robicelli's Holiday Cupcakes

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

With a quick shift into the holiday season, Robicelli's just put out their festive cupcake flavors today. More

Sugar Rush: Robicelli's Butternut Spice Cupcakes

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] In perfect tune with the season, Robicelli's recently introduced an excellent Butternut Spice Cupcake ($3.50), available for just a few short weeks. A golden, soft butternut squash cake, kept moist with a healthy helping of... More

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