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Steakcraft: The Steaks at Resto and The Cannibal

Steakcraft Nick Solares 13 comments

Chef Preston Clark of Resto and The Cannibal is one of the men behind the restaurants' serious steak program, which is comprised of a New York strip, a T-Bone, and a Cote de Bouef for two. More

The Art of the Lunch Deal: Resto

Art of the Lunch Deal Nick Solares 3 comments

[Photographs: Nick Solares] Resto 111 East 29th Street New York, NY 10016; map); 212- 685-5585; http://www.restonyc.com/default.asp Service: Friendly and knowledgeable Setting:The room is rather austere, but that is the point. The focus is on the food and the incredibly... More

TGI Fry-Day: Frites at Resto

TGI Fry-Day Lingbo Li 1 comment

Who doesn't love french fries? We've long been looking for New York's best, and decided that the city's fries deserved more than a post—they needed a column of their own. Here's TGI Fry-Day, your weekly dose of deliciousness. Got a... More

The Brunch Dish: Dutch Baby at Resto

The Brunch Dish Nikki Goldstein 3 comments

[Photos: Nikki Goldstein] Until last weekend's visit to Resto, my only encounter with the Dutch Baby was at the Original Pancake House, where you wait 45 minutes for a gigantic apple-studded bowl of crisped dough easily the size of... More

Resto's Heavenly Trappist Grand Redux Dinner

Joe DiStefano 2 comments

"The monks do not want this beer being sold outside of Belgium." [Photos: Joe DiStefano] "People that pray and make beer know what they're doing," Christian Pappanicholas, owner of Resto said to the 30 or so people gathered for the... More

In The Kitchen at the Resto Large Format Feast with Bobby Hellen

Nick Solares 3 comments

As Serious Eaters become increasingly concerned about the provenance and seasonality of the ingredients that we consume, for ecological and gastronomic reasons—and simultaneously become more interested in eating (figuratively and literally) the "whole hog"—I can think of no better... More

Resto Celebrates Second Birthday with Berkshire Pig Roast in La Caja China

Joe DiStefano Post a comment

Even though I love meat and Belgian beer I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that I've never been to Resto. I decided to atone for this sin of omission by attending its second birthday party pig roast on Saturday. I... More

Resto Turns Two; Hosts a Pig Roast During Passover

Erin Zimmer 3 comments

What La Caja China looks like Resto is turning two and this Saturday, just in time for the Jewish holiday, they are celebrating with a slow-roasted piggy. The 100-pound Berkshire pig (it's no skinny bones) will be cooked in... More

The Best Steak in NYC Might Not Be in a Steakhouse

Nick Solares 17 comments

A few years ago I would have said that it was not possible but these days there is a paradigm shift occurring in high-end beef in New York City—an extraordinary cut of beef is being offered in three avant-garde but very different restaurants in the city: Tom Collichio’s Craft, David Chang's Momofuku Ssam Bar and Resto (with new chef Bobby Helen) collectively pose a serious challenge to the hegemony of the chophouse. More

Piggy-Filled Photos from Cochon555 Dinner: 5 Chefs, 5 Pigs, 5 Winemakers

Laren Spirer 4 comments

All photographs by Joe DiStefano. The Del Posto booth. Just one whiff upon walking into the Hiro Ballroom on Sunday afternoon was enough to get a preview of what was in store at Cochon555—the gentle, soothing aroma of smoked... More

If You Eat at Resto, Ask For a Side Order of Lipator

Ed Levine 1 comment

Being the ultimate glutton for punishment when it comes to fat and cholesterol-laden foods, Steingarten, his lovely wife Karen, my friend and New Orleans Times Picayune columnist Lolis Eric Elie, and I headed to Resto, the Belgian meat and fat... More

B Squared: Take Bruni's Diagnostic Test Now

Ed Levine Post a comment

Chairman Bruni reviewed Resto today, and Eater's Ben Leventhal, in a beautiful bit of Bruni handicapping, correctly predicted Frank's two-star rating for the Belgian eatery located just around the corner from Serious Eats' old offices. I tried to eat there... More

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