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The Brunch Dish: French Toast en Cocotte at Recipe

The Brunch Dish Nikki Goldstein 3 comments

[Photo: Nikki Goldstein] There's some big brunching to be had at Recipe, the tiny 26-seat eatery on the Upper West. The menu is filled with gems, but a recent decision to go the seemingly boring route—the French toast en... More

Recipe on the Upper West Side: A Recipe for Success That Needs A Few Tweaks

Ed Levine 6 comments

"All the ingredients are there. Like many loaves of homemade bread, it probably just needs a little more time to rise." Photographs by Robyn Lee Recipe 452 Amsterdam Avenue, New York NY 10024 (b/n 81st and 82nd; map); 212-501-7755; recipenyc.com... More

Using Aleppo to Za'atar from Kalustyan's

Barbara Hanson 7 comments

Editor's note: Please welcome Serious Eats community member BaHa, aka Barbara Hanson, who will be checking in now and again with dispatches about the various little one-of-a-kind food stores and markets in New York. Here is her recipe for A-Z... More

The Pasta Chronicles

Ed Levine 2 comments

Some people count sheep when they can't sleep. I count pasta dishes. There's something about a plate of pasta that's incredibly soothing and satisfying at the same time, and soothing and satisfying thoughts are surefire paths to sleep. The other... More

Settling the Chocolate Bouchon Recipe Controversy

Ed Levine 1 comment

How much sugar should be used in the recipe I posted for the incredibly delicious chocolate bouchons you can buy at Bouchon Bakery? One ELE reader correctly notes that some recipes she had seen called for 3/4 cup of sugar,... More

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