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Potlikker in Williamsburg: Smart Comfort Food That Knows How To Charm

We stepped into Potlikker and were greeted by smiles: professional, friendly, not crushingly earnest or larded with irony. And we proceeded to have a meal that, if not perfect, sent us into that golden summer evening with smiles of our own. We were fed well, and treated very well, like proper adults at a restaurant where the staff knows how to take care of you and not make a big deal of it. This should not be an exceptional experience, but it's rarer than it ought to be.

Potlikker feels like a breath of fresh air, a neighborhood-driven restaurant unencumbered by overthought concepts, underdelivered flavors, and chilly service. It offers the kind of joyful, pleasurable eating we find ourselves so often craving. Though the dishes aren't flawless, they're served with grace and charm to spare.


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