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Food Artisans: Daly Pies

Meghan Daly of Daly Pie attributes the popularity of her pie crust to two things: she uses all butter, no shortening or lard, and she does everything by hand, with no help from a food processor or mixer. That way, she says, it's easier to make sure there are different size bits of butter in the dough, which is what makes the crust extra flaky. "It really has that handmade quality," she adds. More

Snapshots from the Serious Eats Pie and Wine Social in Brooklyn

Thanks to everyone who came out for our Pie and Wine Social at the Brooklyn Winery on Sunday, a delicious fundraiser for Edible Schoolyard. It was a nice escape from the rainy gray day outside, especially under the skylight in the Williamsburg winery's atrium where we nibbled on some of our favorite pies in the city. With a slice in one hand and a wine glass in the other, it was a fun way to spend the fall afternoon. More

Sugar Rush: S'more Tart at Craftbar

Eleven picture-perfect meringue petals top the S'mores Tart ($10) at CraftBar. They're toasted a deep golden brown, and to fully appreciate them, you'll want to sink you fork all the way though the bottom of the tart shell, capturing the lush, almost frothy chocolate custard. More

Sugar Rush: Buttermilk Custard Pie at The Dutch

I could eat pie every single day during the autumn months. Seasonally appropriate pies of stone fruit, pumpkin or sweet potato—there's nothing I could tire of. At The Dutch, the Buttermilk Custard Pie is recent addition the menu. It's never just pie here, even though that may be what you order. This silky cool custard pie comes with a clean buttermilk tang, all resting against a crumbly, well-spiced backdrop, a gingersnap crust. More

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