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Sugar Rush: Oatmeal Pancakes at L'Artusi

The oatmeal pancakes served at L'Artusi during weekend brunch might not look like anything fancy or special, but they're surely worth a detour. The pancakes come three to an order, each a large flat round with a supremely crispy surface. Oatmeal, when soaked overnight in liquid to make the batter base, keeps the pancake soft and tender while imparting cozy, nutty notes. More

The Brunch Dish: Cornmeal Buttermilk Pancakes at The Mermaid Inn

You'd expect sea-inspired eats to be the standouts on The Mermaid Inn's brunch menu, and indeed, it's hard to go wrong with their fish tacos or shrimp po'boy. What's surprising is that their pancakes and French toast--seemingly boring same olds that certainly don't mesh with fish--are executed with just as much flair. Personally, I'm biased towards the former, made with a loose cornmeal batter that yields ultra-thin cakes ($12). More

Happy Pancake Tuesday!

[Photo: Carey Jones] Later in the day, your thoughts may tend toward Mardi Gras. But this morning, it's all about Pancake Tuesday. How to celebrate? There's always Clinton Street Baking Co.: if blueberry doesn't do it for you, today's... More

Pumpkin Pancakes at Café Orlin

I'm all for seasonal eats, but pumpkin treats are just too good to confine to October. Thankfully, Café Orlin shares my sensibilities: the pumpkin pancakes are on the menu year-round. The best of their kind? Not quite; the four... More

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