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Sugar Rush: Nutella Crepes at Buvette

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

Nutella Crepes ($10) come three to an order at Buvette, and are served at breakfast and lunch. More

The Brunch Dish: Foie Gras Pancakes at Perla

The Brunch Dish Max Falkowitz 5 comments

It takes a lot for me to order pancakes for fear of all the bland, leaden, and sickly sweet versions out there. Perla's are a different story, and that's before you get to the foie gras butter. More

Sugar Rush: Oatmeal Pancakes at L'Artusi

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

The oatmeal pancakes served at L'Artusi during weekend brunch might not look like anything fancy or special, but they're surely worth a detour. The pancakes come three to an order, each a large flat round with a supremely crispy surface. Oatmeal, when soaked overnight in liquid to make the batter base, keeps the pancake soft and tender while imparting cozy, nutty notes. More

The Brunch Dish: Shredded Apple and Rolled Oats Pancakes at Five Points

The Brunch Dish Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

Despite the inclusion of oats and apples, they're not dense or heavy, and the oats given them a sweet, earthy flavor. More

The Brunch Dish: Cornmeal Buttermilk Pancakes at The Mermaid Inn

The Brunch Dish Nikki Goldstein Post a comment

You'd expect sea-inspired eats to be the standouts on The Mermaid Inn's brunch menu, and indeed, it's hard to go wrong with their fish tacos or shrimp po'boy. What's surprising is that their pancakes and French toast--seemingly boring same olds that certainly don't mesh with fish--are executed with just as much flair. Personally, I'm biased towards the former, made with a loose cornmeal batter that yields ultra-thin cakes ($12). More

Gluten-Free Silver Dollar Pancakes at Fairway Cafe

Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] Mitchel London recently introduced Gluten-Free Pancakes ($9) to the Fairway Cafe menu, made from a recipe originally created for his sister who needed to eat gluten-free. He won't disclose the exact ingredients, so those, I... More

The Brunch Dish: Sweet Corn Pancakes at Back Forty

The Brunch Dish Nikki Goldstein Post a comment

[Photo: Nikki Goldstein] Back Forty's brunch menu is one of my personal favorites. Instead of all the usual offerings and a few interesting twists, it's 95% twists with a few kicked-up staples—all fantastically delicious. Even the servers are surprised... More

Happy Pancake Tuesday!

Carey Jones 7 comments

[Photo: Carey Jones] Later in the day, your thoughts may tend toward Mardi Gras. But this morning, it's all about Pancake Tuesday. How to celebrate? There's always Clinton Street Baking Co.: if blueberry doesn't do it for you, today's... More

Pancake Month at Clinton Street Baking Co.

Nikki Goldstein Post a comment

[Photos: Nikki Goldstein] There aren't too many people with enough cojones to run a pancake special and not serve it during brunch—but that's exactly what Clinton Street Baking Co. is doing with their month-long flapjack celebration. (Frankly, with the... More

The Brunch Dish: Kaiserschmarrn at Blaue Gans

The Brunch Dish Nikki Goldstein 1 comment

[Photo: Nikki Goldstein] If you hadn't heard of last week's brunch treat, Resto's Dutch Baby, here's another global pancake that may be new to you: the kaiserschmarrn. It shares the Dutch Baby's Germanic roots (hailing from Austria), but the... More

The Brunch Dish: Dutch Baby at Resto

The Brunch Dish Nikki Goldstein 3 comments

[Photos: Nikki Goldstein] Until last weekend's visit to Resto, my only encounter with the Dutch Baby was at the Original Pancake House, where you wait 45 minutes for a gigantic apple-studded bowl of crisped dough easily the size of... More

Brunch Ambivalence: Pumpkin Pancakes At The Breslin

Carey Jones 6 comments

[Photo: Carey Jones] I haven't been able to stop thinking about these pumpkin pancakes ($14) at The Breslin, so strong is my ambivalence toward them. Wherefore the internal conflict?... More

The Brunch Dish: Potato and Celery Root Pancakes at Community Food and Juice

The Brunch Dish Nikki Goldstein 3 comments

[Photo: Nikki Goldstein] If you've ever trekked all the way downtown to the Clinton St. Baking Co. only to find a near-eternal wait for pancakes, you might try heading in the opposite direction next time. Community Food and Juice,... More

The Brunch Dish: Turkish Eggs and Coconut Pancakes at Public

The Brunch Dish Nikki Goldstein Post a comment

[Photos: Nikki Goldstein; lekkercraft on Flickr] I'd heard that brunch at Public was one of the lesser-known treasure troves in Manhattan, but it was only when they were awarded a Michelin star this year that my ears really perked.... More

Pancakes from Pershing Square: The Best in Midtown?

Nick Solares 3 comments

"When the pancakes were delivered sans butter on the side, I requested some. It was unnecessary." Tucked under a trestle on Park Avenue leading up to Grand Central Station, Pershing Square offers what they claim is the "busiest breakfast in... More

Eggs Travaganza in Midtown: The First Power Breakfast Cart Ever?

Ed Levine 21 comments

The first things I noticed were the whimsical graphics on the cart's signage, and the spelling mistakes on those graphics touting the homemade pancakes. Who makes made-from-scratch pancakes at a food cart? Eggs Travaganza on 52nd Street and Park Avenue does, and the chorizo, egg, and American cheese sandwich is even better. More

Katz's Deli: Go for the Pastrami, Not the Breakfast

Nick Solares 10 comments

The Breakfast of Chumps As Alan Richman recently said, there is little worth eating beyond the pastrami, knockwurst, and hot dogs at the iconic Katz's Deli. Perhaps this isn't surprising. It is a bit like going to Peter Luger and... More

Locanda Verde: The Best Breakfast in New York?

Ed Levine 23 comments

I wasn't prepared for the fact that Locanda Verde just might be serving the best breakfast in New York City, and maybe anywhere. Don't believe me? Let me show you. More

Pumpkin Pancakes at Café Orlin

Carey Jones 1 comment

I'm all for seasonal eats, but pumpkin treats are just too good to confine to October. Thankfully, Café Orlin shares my sensibilities: the pumpkin pancakes are on the menu year-round. The best of their kind? Not quite; the four... More

Sugar Rush: Kaiserschmarren at Klee Brasserie

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

Craving Kaiserschmarren for brunch? Look no further than Klee Brasserie in Chelsea to satisfy your sweet tooth for these Austrian pancakes on weekend mornings. We got an taste of these torn (literally) pancakes at chef Daniel Angerer's cooking demo... More

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