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Would You Pay a $10 Fee for Delivery?

After debuts in San Francisco and Seattle, premium delivery service Caviar recently launched in Manhattan. The company employs its own messengers and charges customers a $9.99 delivery fee, serving food from 30 restaurants that mostly don't offer delivery anywhere else. Would you pay the premium? More

I Love Stewy/Saucy Things With Rice. Do You?

During the depths of winter, when warm sunlight on bare skin seems like the stuff of unicorn-laced dreams, my favorite thing to eat is anything in the category of "hot stewy/saucy things with rice." Here are some of my favorite dishes from this category that you can find in New York. More

What's the Worst New York Restaurant Meal You've Ever Had?

On Serious Eats we usually look over our bad meals for a simple reason: we'd rather spend our time telling people where to go than where not to. The exceptions come when a lauded chef or restaurant disappoints, or when a meal is so bad, so "I should be getting combat pay for eating this food" awful, that we can't help but erect a warning sign. So today we're asking you to let it all out: your worst restaurant meal in New York? More

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