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Obsessed With: OatMeals, the World's First All-Oatmeal Bar

Breakfast Erin Zimmer 17 comments

When I heard about the grand opening last month of OatMeals, the world's first oatmeal bar, I was equal parts jealous (idea stealer!) and uncontrollably delighted. More

The Best Oatmeal in NYC: The 2011 Edition

The Serious Eats Team 21 comments

Last year, we brought you our report on the best oatmeal in New York. But we never tire of our favorite hot cereal, and neither, it seems, do restaurants. We thought last year's roundup was pretty exhaustive, but this year we've uncovered more under-$3 winners, more dessert-like indulgences, and—wait for it—bacon oatmeal. You knew it had to happen. More

The Best Oatmeal in New York

Carey Jones 18 comments

Oatmeal from Prime Meats. Not quite the best in New York, but tasty just the same. [Photograph: Robyn Lee] There are two kinds of people: Those who understand why one would order oatmeal from a restaurant, and those who... More

Simon Sips: Taking Oatmeal and Coffee Seriously

Carey Jones 4 comments

"Steel-cut oats, soaked overnight in a blend of water and skim milk, are double-boiled for an hour before they’re dished out." A good breakfast café is hard to find. Measured in terms of quality espresso, competent baristas, or top-flight morning... More

Fast-Food Oatmeal: The Good, the Bland, and the Goopy

Carey Jones 24 comments

It’s warm, healthy, filling, and pairs well with anything—in so many ways, oatmeal is an ideal breakfast food. But portable, it is not. While instant oatmeal packets can be a fair substitute, those on-the-go (or without a microwave in... More

Sugar Rush: SolMaya Brand Oatmeal Shake

Erin Zimmer 2 comments

Photograph by Robyn Lee Oatmeal is a beautiful thing. Even people who don't know my last name or anything else about me, know I am obsessed. So when Robyn found cans of the Avena Oatmeal Shake at Fine Fare,... More

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