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Lunch for One: Mapo Ramen at Rai Rai Ken

Lunch for One Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] Rai Rai Ken doesn't rank in the ramen leagues of Ippudo or Hide-Chan, but I've still been a faithful diner at this East Village ramen shop for years. It's not the traditional ramen I come... More

The Best Ramen in New York City

J. Kenji López-Alt 54 comments

It's hard to argue with a huge bowl of steaming hot, salty, meaty broth with a pile of bouncy noodles to slurp and tender, slow-cooked pork belly. But there's a difference between ramen-I'd-eat-for-a-quick-and-filling-meal (any), and ramen-so-good-it's-worth-a-national-obsession (rare). These days, there are Manhattan neighborhoods that are almost as dense with ramen-ya as a Tokyo train station. Our goal: to cull the good from the great. More

Hide-chan Ramen: Come for the Noodles, Stay for the Pork Toro

J. Kenji López-Alt 18 comments

As far as food destinations in the city go, Midtown East is a tough sell. No significant nightlife to speak of, no real ethnic enclaves, not even a bustling lunch scene, which is what makes it an odd location for one of the best ramen-ya in the city. More

What to Eat on Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall's First Floor

Lingbo Li 30 comments

Flushing, Queens, in many ways, is its own world. While only two stops away from Manhattan on the Long Island Railroad, this is a land of $900 one-bedroom apartments and brilliant $4 bowls of noodles. You know you've stepped foot in the right place when the signs are covered in symbols and the pavement jostles with immigrants. But with so many menus only in Chinese, and so many wonderful shop owners lacking a command of English, the food scene can be difficult to navigate. Here's our comprehensive guide to Flushing food courts, Part I: translated menus, clickable maps, and more! More

Nutritious Lamb Noodles (滋补羊肉烩面) in Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall

Lingbo Li Post a comment

[Photo credit: Lingbo Li] I have fond memories of Henanese people. I befriended a family of Henan migrants of China's Islamic Hui ethnic minority who ran a restaurant down the street from my Shanghai sublet. They served excellent lamb... More

Lunch for One: Chicken Curry Noodles at Bo Ky

Lunch for One Kathy YL Chan 4 comments

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] Bo Ky is never exceptional, but always delicious, and more importantly, reliable. It's one of the few restaurants serving hot noodle soup dishes that I find myself craving even on stickier summer days. Nearly half... More

Lunch for One: Great NY Noodletown

Lunch for One Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

[Photo: Kathy Chan] After following a trail of posts on Chowhound detailing the wonders of the Singapore Chow Funn at Great NY Noodletown, I finally made it over to the restaurant, a month later, on very chilly afternoon. I... More

Bibim Naeng Myun at Flushing’s Chung Moo Rollrice & Dongas

Joe DiStefano 6 comments

I took a little heat from commenters last week for a piece about Han Song Ting’s Chinese take on the Korean cold noodle soup naeng myun. Their beef: Naeng myun noodles are traditionally made from a mixture of buckwheat... More

Off the Beaten Path: Naeng Myun at Han Song Ting’s New Digs

Joe DiStefano 4 comments

"The spicy cold Korean noodle soup that I like to call liquid air conditioning." Han Song Ting's former location. Han Song Ting was one of my favorite stalls in the now defunct Roosevelt Food Court. Next to a Sichuan spot... More

Off the Beaten Path: Sister Zhu's Cold Sesame Noodles

Joe DiStefano 3 comments

Some rely on ice cream, but in the lingering dog days of summer I often regulate my core temperature with spicy food. So the other day a friend and I headed over to Flushing’s Zhu Da Zi Chengdu Xiao... More

Seolleongtang, Ox Bone Broth, from Gahm Mi Oak

Robyn Lee 18 comments

If I didn't have friends to guide me while eating a late dinner at Gahm Mi Oak, I wouldn't have known what to do when faced with the giant bowl of seolleongtang. Gahm Mi Oak is known for this... More

Sujebi and Seafood Pancakes at Arirang in Koreatown

Robyn Lee 6 comments

From left: Kalguksu in chicken soup; sujebi in kimchi soup. It's not often that right after I eat at a place I think about how much I want to return, but I was already thinking about my next visit... More

ZuZu Ramen in Park Slope, a Nice Addition to the Neighborhood

Erin Zimmer 3 comments

Zuzu Ramen, which opened in Park Slope in May, has been commonly referred to as "the ramen shop from the Sheep Station people" by neighbors. That'd be the popular Aussie-themed gastropub around the corner. The owners have a tight local... More

Pho with Beef and Tripe from Pho Grand

Robyn Lee 2 comments

Bowl of pho with close ups of noodles and tripe. I'm a noob when it comes to pho. Although I like it, I've probably eaten it less than five times in the past three years. There's no good reason... More

Noodles with Soup on the Side at New Chao Chow

Robyn Lee 7 comments

Sometimes I want noodles. And sometimes I want soup—but not too much soup. And any bowl of noodle soup tends to fall into the category of "too much soup." It wasn't until I ordered combination rice stick with soup... More

Ankimo, Inaniwa Udon, and a Surprising Salad at Katsuno in Forest Hills

Joe DiStefano 4 comments

With the notable exception of Danny Brown Wine Bar & Kitchen the stretch of Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills is pretty much a culinary wasteland. So I was surprised when a friend who runs the Japanese foodie web site... More

Hand-Pulled Noodles in Bensonhurst

Robyn Lee 6 comments

My latest hand pulled noodle excursion brought me to Bensonhurst, a part of Brooklyn that, for the most part, doesn't strike me as a place to go to unless you live there. Hand Pull Noodle and Dumplings House has been open for about five months. The interior is clean and minimal with four condiment-laden tables and a flat-screen TV that will accompany your meal with the sounds of whatever Cantonese soap opera is currently playing. More

Lan Zhou Handpull Noodle in Sunset Park

Robyn Lee 2 comments

You know how chain restaurants are reliable when you're in an unfamiliar area and have no idea what else to eat? That's how I treat Chinese hand pulled noodle shops. I assume each one, although not part of a... More

Momofuku Noodle Bar's Ramen, Dissed

Erin Zimmer 12 comments

Photograph by Robyn Lee As noted over on the Serious Eats homestead, ramen blog Rameniac crowned the city's "Kings of the Bowl," with top ramen props going to Setagaya and Ippudo, but definitely not to Momofuku Noodle Bar. "Overhyped,... More

Knife-Sliced Noodles and Boiled Dumplings at Super Taste in Chinatown

Robyn Lee 5 comments

Walking down the quiet Eldridge Street in Chinatown at night—specifically the block below Canal Street—may feel a bit sketchy, but don't let that deter you from getting fresh noodles at prices unheard of in the rest of the city.... More

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