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How to Celebrate Jewish Christmas: 20 Tasty Chinese Restaurants in NYC (With Nearby Movie Theaters)

Max Falkowitz 15 comments

You may have occasion to be eating Chinese food in a couple days, and if so, you're likely looking for a movie theater afterward. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite Chinese restaurants with directions to the closest movie theater. More

Where to Get Congee in Chinatown, NYC

Max Falkowitz 25 comments

It's prime weather for congee, the Chinese version of oatmeal or grits. Here are ten spots in Chinatown worth a visit for this creamy bowl of comfort food. More

Slurped: Of Bad Dates and Good Rice Noodles at New Hon Won

Chichi Wang 45 comments

The story goes like this. Last year I met a fellow at a party, and he asked me for my number. He was friendly and funny, and mentioned that he liked John Rawls, a prominent political theorist I studied in school. I figured anyone who liked Rawls and actually wanted to talk about distributive justice was someone I'd want to get to know better. We arranged to meet at New Hon Won, a Cantonese joint on Canal Street right outside the subway. The rice noodles, as usual, were very good. The date? Not so much. More

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