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Bar Eats: Some Great Small Plates (and an Uneven Burger) at Prospect

Bar Eats Nancy Huang 2 comments

Opened just a few months ago in the heart of Fort Greene, Prospect already feels like it's been around for years, a familiar face in a neighborhood that's rapidly growing in the wake of the Barclay Center opening. The place has all the makings of the modern Brooklyn restaurant—reclaimed wood, local art, artisanal cocktails, plenty of locally sourced ingredients—but any presumption of pretentiousness is quickly wiped away with the warm greetings of a very friendly staff. More

Date Night: Deceptive Simplicity at Anella in Greenpoint

Date Night Jessica Allen and Garrett Ziegler Post a comment

With its rough-hewn walls, butcher block tables, and low golden light, Anella can make you wonder if Sysco sells a Romantic Brooklyn Restaurant starter kit. Yet, the food reveals a gentle care and attention to detail that can't be mass-produced. More

Bar Eats: Fort Defiance

Bar Eats Nancy Huang Post a comment

If you happen to end up in Red Hook—whether by bus, bike, or long sketchy walk across the BQE from Carroll Gardens—Fort Defiance welcomes you with open arms, your journey rewarded with delicious cocktails and hearty food. CafĂ© by day, bar by night, Fort Defiance serves smart but simple fare befitting its artisanal-minded neighbors. More

Midnight Snack: Where to Get Late-Night Tripe

In the Midnight Hour Zachary Feldman Post a comment

As befits an ingredient so texturally challenging and confounding in taste, tripe is generally regarded with particular revulsion from its dissenters. But once you get past the idea of it, tripe becomes quite delicious. Almost always braised, its fortifying qualities also make it perfect late-night food for the winter months. More

Bar Eats: Sons of Essex

Bar Eats Nancy Huang Post a comment

Somewhere in between the lavish praise and sneering cynicism lies the truth (or at least my dispassionate version of it): Sons of Essex has at least a few respectable bar dishes. More

Kids Welcome: New Leaf

Kids Welcome Aya Tanaka 4 comments

New Leaf Restaurant and Bar's greatest asset is the synergy between its food and locale. Located in northern Manhattan's Fort Tryon Park, one of the highest points in Manhattan and the home of the Metropolitan Museum's medieval art branch, the restaurant is unique not only because of its beautiful setting in a cottage-like building in the middle of the park, but because it is actually a charitable and environmentally responsible operation. More

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