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Where to Eat Near Grand Central Terminal (Our Updated Guide)

Ida Yu 14 comments

We've updated our guide to eateries in and around Grand Central Station to clear up all of your questions if you find yourself in the area looking for somewhere to eat. "How do I avoid the tourist traps?" "Should I venture outside the terminal?" "Where should I go for a solid, quick slice of pizza?" "Can I get a world-class dinner without hopping a cab?" Read on for the answers and our list of suggestions, complete with a map! More

Sugar Rush: Baked Lemon Ricotta at Murray's Cheese

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 4 comments

It's basically a cheesecake, said the woman next to me. She was right. The Baked Lemon Ricotta is sold by the pound ($13.99/lb) at Murray's Cheese. More

17 Great Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in NYC

Hally Wolhandler 15 comments

In honor of the greatness that is melted cheese, we've looked back on some of our favorite New York Grilled Cheeses. Whether it's a nutty French affair paired with a fancy jam, or simply white bread hugging American slices next to a bowl of tomato soup, grilled cheese is the best, and these are the best of the best. More

A Sandwich a Day: Man, That's Good at Murray's Cheese Shop

A Sandwich a Day Molly Goldman Post a comment

There's a lot going on in this chicken-pimento-cheese-bacon-avocado sandwich, but Murray's gave it that name for a reason. More

Heart of the House: Cassia Schifter, Murray's Cheese

Helen Zhang 4 comments

What does it take to become a cheesemonger? Culinary school and years at a dairy farm might be optional, as Cassia Schifter of Murray's Cheese will tell you, but you do have to have a profound love for cheese. "I've loved cheese since before I can remember. Growing up my family would always make fun of me because I'd always say, 'I'm going to make myself a snack,' and I'd just go in the kitchen and cut off a huge chunk of cheese and eat it. No bread, no crackers," she says. More

Sugar Rush: Scooter Bars at Murray's Cheese

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 2 comments

[Photograph: Kathy YL Chan] Near the cash register at Murray's Cheese, a perfect spot for temptation, lies an assortment of candy bars custom made for Murray's by Tumbador Chocolate. They're all chocolate, marshmallow, cream, and cake-based confections, and my... More

Sugar Rush: Phin & Phebes Ice Cream at Murray's Cheese

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 5 comments

Banana Pudding Ice Cream? Sign me up. Phin & Phebes is a Brooklyn-based ice cream company, and their Banana Whama ($8.99) is made of fresh banana puree and crushed vanilla wafer cookies. It really does taste like banana pudding in frozen form, only fluffier More

10 Apple Sweets We Love in NYC

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

We can feast on apple desserts all year round, but they seem especially appropriate during the colder months. From classic tarte tatins to fancier versions found at restaurants, from apple milkshakes to apple butter-laced sundaes, pastry chefs in the city do all sorts of things. Check out ten apple desserts we love this holiday season. More

5 Marshmallow Sweets We Love

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 2 comments

Fluffy and sweet, chubby and light, what's not to love about marshmallows? From the plain and pure version by Tumbador Chocolates, to seasonal flavors at Three Tarts, and fancy versions by Butter Baked Goods, we've got no shortage of great marshmallows in NYC. More

A Sandwich a Day: Meatball Melt at Murray's Cheese

A Sandwich a Day Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

Two thick slices of a Pullman's loaf flank mozzarella-laced meatballs, a ladle of tomato sauce, and sliced provolone cheese. A brief visit in the panini press and out comes a messy, fantastically indulgent sandwich. More

Cheese for Breakfast: Nettle Meadow Maple Walnut Chevre

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

Consider keeping the Maple Walnut Chevre ($7.99 for a five-ounce container) by Nettle Meadow in the fridge for unplanned afternoon snack cravings. More

A Sandwich a Day: 'The Bomb' at Murray's Cheese

A Sandwich a Day Carey Jones Post a comment

While the cheesiest sandwiches at Murray's Cheese are across-the-board excellent, and that's no surprise, some of the less cheesy options are similarly delicious. The Bomb ($6.99) pairs meaty braised short rib with funky, oozy taleggio; arugula and meltingly soft caramelized onions round it out. More

Lunch To-Go: Murray's Cheese at Grand Central

Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

To break out of the typical Midtown lunch routine, consider Murray's Cheese inside the Grand Central Market. More

Murray's Cheese Does A Great Breakfast Burrito

Carey Jones Post a comment

If you'd asked me last week where to get a good breakfast burrito in New York, I probably wouldn't have had an answer. And I certainly wouldn't have thought my answer would be Murray's Cheese in the West Village. But Ed stopped by Murray's for a take-out breakfast last Friday, and even though his haul was an hour old by the time we tried it, we were delighted with what we unpacked. More

Lunch for One: The Refrigerated Section of Murray's Cheese

Lunch for One Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

The sandwich bar at Murray's Cheese is always packed at lunch hours, which is why I often turn to the refrigerated section of this West Village gem. More

Sugar Rush: Marshmallows at Murray's Cheese

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] I've been on a marshmallow kick all week. (Maybe it's all the hot chocolate.) Three Tarts and City Bakery are my go-to spots for marshmallows, but I've added another stop to my list: Murray's Cheese!... More

Meet & Eat: Liz Thorpe, The Cheese Chronicles

Meet and Eat: NY Laren Spirer 2 comments

"These cheesemakers are all craftsmen, but they're also funny, complex, complicated people." Liz Thorpe has dedicated the past seven years of her life learning more about cheese than most of us could ever hope to know in our entire lifetimes.... More

Deal of the Day: Murray's Cheese

Erin Zimmer Post a comment

The FDA put Robiola Bosina on lockdown for the last five weeks but just yesterday, Murray's Cheese got the thumbs-up to let the cheese free! As part of what they're calling FDA Give-a-Whey, if you spend $25 at any retail... More

Deal of the Day: Murray's Cheese

Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Murray's Cheese has put together a sweet package for Mother's Day. For $60, the "Iconic Selection" includes three cheeses (Pyrenees Brebis, crumbly Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, and butterscotchy Boerenkaas Gouda) as well as dark chocolate and crackers, and they're even throwing... More

Sugar Rush: Tumbador Chocolates at Murray's Cheese

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

The Ring Ding Ever since Ed said Tumbador chocolates were sold at Murray's Cheese, I have found myself stopping into Murray's less often for cheese and more often for dessert. I might enter with the intention of getting a... More

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