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Reopened Sarge's is a Keeper of the Deli Flame

Rabi Abonour 10 comments

In late 2012, a massive fire ravaged Murray Hill institution Sarge's Delicatessen. Over a year later, the restaurant is back open, with all the deli fare it has been serving for half a century. More

A Goat Sandwich for Midtown

A Sandwich a Day Ashley Tam 2 comments

Like the chupacabra, the perfect goat sandwich remains elusive, but if you're looking for a taste of the stuff in midtown, now you know where to go. More

Melange's Sandwiches Make For a Decent Midtown Lunch

A Sandwich a Day Ben Jay 4 comments

While the sandwiches as Melange all generally left a bit to be desired, it's a solid spot for the area, and considering the prices, a reasonably good value, too. More

Kokum: Murray Hill's South Indian Road Trip

Max Falkowitz 1 comment

The food at Kokum represents a "culinary tour through the southern coast of India," inspired, among others, by the cuisines of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and—especially rare in New York—seafood-heavy Kerala. New York's Indian cuisine still skews towards the rich (heavy in unskilled hands) cooking of the country's northern regions, which makes the purely southern Kokum one of Manhattan's most distinctive Indian restaurants. A meal there is a journey well worth taking, even if the food doesn't always succeed. More

A Fancified Indian Sandwich at Pippali in Murray Hill

A Sandwich a Day Max Falkowitz 1 comment

When we last saw chef Peter Beck, he was developing the menu at Benares near Times Square, where the casual restaurant hit upscale notes with a mixed seafood stew and some refined takes on chaat. He's now at Pippali, a Murray Hill Indian spot that runs in a similar vein. That includes a particularly fancy version of a Maharashtran street snack, a sandwich best shared as a starter. More

Indian 'Sliders' Are Another Reason to Love Desi Galli

A Sandwich a Day Remy Robert 2 comments

The kati rolls at Desi Galli have earned the tiny Murray Hill lunch spot a loyal following, not least because of the chewy flatbreads that wrap them up. But don't stop there if you're in search of a good sandwich: these little sliders are another solid choice and better sized for snacking, boasting the same flavorful fillings inside a downy new bun. More

Indian Fried Chicken in Murray Hill Now at Kokum

Max Falkowitz 1 comment

Shiva Natarajan, the man behind some of the city's most interesting refuges for underrepresented regional Indian cuisine (Chote Nawab, Malai Marke, Dhaba, and others), is at it again. His new restaurant Kokum has much to recommend, but start with this plate of fried chicken. More

Not Your Average Curry Hill Indian at Chote Nawab

Max Falkowitz 3 comments

Regional Indian specialties set this restaurant apart from the rest of Curry Hill. More

Luxury, if You Know Where to Look, at La Vie en Szechuan

Max Falkowitz 1 comment

At La Vie en Szechuan, they work to take care of you. And a look around the dining room says why: The young, smartly dressed, nearly all-Chinese clientele look ready for their night out in K-Town, not for slumming it on Mott Street. Like Cafe China up north a few blocks, the restaurant aims for something more upscale, and in setting, presentation, and quality it largely succeeds. Many Sichuan classics, the dishes we often look to as benchmarks for a restaurant like this, are the weakest parts of the menu. But if you order strategically around them you'll bear witness to some of the more interesting, unexpected, and yes—upscale—Chinese cooking in the city. More

Mayhem & Stout Serving Braised Meat Sandwiches in Murray Hill

A Sandwich a Day Eric Singerman 1 comment

Mayhem & Stout has been operating at food markets and festivals for a while now, but they recently opened a small brick and mortar shop of their own in Murray Hill. Their sandwich menu allows you to mix and match their various braised meats, sauces, and add-ons, such as lamb shoulder with kale and potato chips. More

Steakcraft: Hurricane Steak and Sushi's Porterhouse and American Wagyu Skirt

Steakcraft Nick Solares 2 comments

Hurricane Steak and Sushi recently changed its name from the Hurricane Club, and much of the menu changed with it. While many of the large-format share plates are gone, the chef has kept on this 40 ounce porterhouse for two. More

The Vegetarian Option: Comfort Food at Penelope in Murray Hill Leaves Something to Be Desired

The Vegetarian Option Lauren Rothman 1 comment

Penelope, Murray Hill's comfort food fixture, offers an approachable, all-are-welcome vibe, as well as many vegetarian-friendly dishes. But until the restaurant significantly ups its standards, the area's nearby vegetarian Indian restaurants make much worthier destinations for a meatless meal. More

The Vegetarian Option: Chennai Garden Still Serves Excellent Indian Fare

The Vegetarian Option Lauren Rothman Post a comment

There are some New York restaurants that stand the test of time: places that, no matter what trends storm the city—and then, inevitably, retreat—make excellent food, and stay true to their style no matter what the times dictate. Chennai Garden, the vegetarian Indian restaurant on Manhattan's Curry Hill, is one of those spots. More

Sugar Rush: Apple Cider Doughnuts and Olive Oil Cake at Terroir

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

The best doughnuts are the ones fresh from the fryer. At Terroir they come in the form of Apple Cider Doughnut Holes ($5). These single bite cake doughnuts are drenched with a slow oozing cider caramel. More

A Sandwich a Day: Caprice de Lamazou at Lamazou

A Sandwich a Day Craig Cavallo 2 comments

This salty fish sandwich could lead the 'lox for lunch' campaign. More

Salvation Taco: April Bloomfield's Offbeat Taqueria in Murray Hill

Carey Jones 13 comments

With a style all her own, chef April Bloomfield has a knack for opening (with partner Ken Friedman) restaurants that folks just love. Still, a taqueria in Murray Hill sounded more than a little unlikely. We had our reservations, but after a few visits, we're pleased to report that we recommend Salvation Taco wholeheartedly. More

A Sandwich a Day: Z'Tuna at Lamazou

A Sandwich a Day Craig Cavallo Post a comment

The C-list cast of characters, i.e. wilted lettuce and pale tomato, make a cameo on the Z'Tuna sandwich ($5.99, half) at Lamazou, but what can easily turn into another tired rendition of tuna salad is avoided here with bright Mediterranean flavors. More

Date Night: Reserve Thai Wine Bar

Date Night Jessica Allen and Garrett Ziegler Post a comment

Reserve bills itself as the city's only Thai wine bar. More than 15 wines are served by the glass, all meant to "compliment or challenge" the Thai flavors. While some of the dishes might be familiar from your regular go-to place, overall Reserve doesn't want to be your standard Thai takeout joint. More

We Eat Every Sandwich Filling at Kalustyan's

Max Falkowitz 10 comments

The cafe on the second flood of Kalustyan's in Murray Hill has an impressive array of stuffed grape leaves, chickpea stews, bulgur salads and the like—all available as fillings in pita sandwiches. Which ones should you order? We tasted 18 to find out. More

First Look: Salvation Taco, April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman's Murray Hill Taqueria

First Look J. Kenji López-Alt 2 comments

If a casual, a la carte restaurant serving up tacos that start at $3 and sandwiches that top the menu at $9—in a converted Salvation Army space in the middle of the banker and adult frat-boy-friendly bar scene of Murray Hill—seems like an out of place move for chef/restaurateur duo April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman, that's because it is. Talking with April about the concept and the menu, even she seems a little surprised by the whole affair. More

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