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11 Awesome, Occasionally Bizarre Restaurant and Bar Bathrooms in NYC

The Serious Eats Team 16 comments

We try to stick closely to the food in our New York restaurant coverage, but sometimes we come across restaurant designs that give us pause: The drop-dead pretty, the alarmingly futuristic, the smirk-inducing WTF. And after Slice editor Niki kept telling us about how much she appreciated the Twin Peaks-themed bathroom at Mission Chinese Food and the bigger-on-the-inside TARDIS stall at Brooklyn bar The Way Station, we realized there were more than a few restaurant bathrooms that have caught our eye. More

Kenji's Top 8 Bites in New York From 2012

J. Kenji López-Alt 2 comments

Only after putting together my list did I realize that a full seven out of eight of the very best bites I had in New York this year were from East Asian restaurants. Not a single burger or pizza on the list! More

Steakcraft: Michael White's Steaks at Marea, Ai Fiori, and Osteria Morini

Steakcraft Nick Solares 5 comments

While chef Michael White is best know for his rococo interpretations of Italian cuisine, he is at heart a corn-fed Midwestern kid with a love of corn-fed American beef. This is evident at three of his Manhattan restaurants: Marea, Ai Fiori, and Osteria Morini. At each he serves one of the crown jewels of the butchers meat locker—the dry aged strip loin. And just as the respective restaurants offer different glimpses of the thematic elements that inspire them, so to is the handling of the same cut, leading to three very different, yet equally compelling results. More

We Chat With Pastry Chef Bob Truitt of Marea, Ai Fiori, Osteria Morini

Jacqueline Raposo Post a comment

Pastry Chef Bob Truitt runs six menus for Michael White's Altamarea Group, but his easy laugh and gentle smile don't give away his many responsibilities or lack of sleep. More

Where To Eat Great Sea Urchin In NYC

J. Kenji López-Alt 24 comments

Salty and briny with a metallic twang and more than a hint of iodine, sea urchin is (along with oysters) the most ocean-evocative food in the world, and as a seafood lover and lifelong coastal resident, I'm often in the mood to have the ocean evoked to me. Here are seven of my favorite ways to get sea urchin in New York. Some are simple, some are more complex, all are delicious. More

Video: Making Vanilla Panna Cotta with Marea's Heather Bertinetti on 'The Dairy Show'

Robyn Lee Post a comment

In the latest episode of The Dairy Show, host Michael Crupain visits the kitchen at Marea to see how executive pastry chef Heather Bertinetti makes vanilla panna cotta with local unhomogenized heavy cream from Battenkill Valley Creamery in Salem,... More

Marea: Le Collezione

Nick Solares 4 comments

[Photos: Nick Solares] At acclaimed NYC seafood restaurant Marea, chef Michael White crafts a crudo-and-pasta tasting menu, available at Marea's crudo bar. "The pasta station gets slammed every night," White told me when asked what inspired him to create a... More

The Making of Michael White's Fusilli at Marea

Nick Solares 12 comments

See how Marea chef Michael White creates fusilli with baby octopus and bone marrow, his homage to surf and turf, in this behind-the-scenes look at the dish. More

Marea: Excellent Italian Seafood in a Casual Setting by Central Park

Nick Solares 13 comments

The Italian seafood-centric restaurant Marea was rumored to be something like the Italian equivalent of Le Bernardin. As it turns out, the restaurant that partners chef Michael White and Chris Cannon is indeed ambitious Italian coastal cooking, but the mood is something far more convivial, casual, and approachable. More

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