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First Look: Gaonnuri in Koreatown

Gannouri, a new Korean restaurant on the 39th Floor of 1250 Broadway in Koreatown, seeks to offer a fine dining atmosphere but its menu isn't jockeying for space with the new wave of high-end Korean restaurants. In fact, the eclectic selection of Korean pancakes, hearty stews, and meats grilled at your table may remind you of other ground floor K-town staples. More

Sugar Rush: Bircher Müesli at Peels

I've never been a milk-and-cereal type of person. But müesli? Oh yes! I usually make it at home, or order it at restaurants on occasions. Peels, however, is one of the few places I know that makes a version you can just pick up to-go. It's pre-packed and stocked next to all those glorious pastries and cakes, $7 for a filling serving. More

Sugar Rush: Mont Blanc at Lady M

Mont Blanc generally has three elements: whipped cream, chestnut puree and and meringue. Lady M's version of the Mont Blanc ($9) omits the meringue, something which would ordinarily be unforgivable, but can be overlooked here simply because of the abundance of chestnut puree, an element most places are stingy with. More

Baoguette: Great Vietnamese Sandwiches in Murray Hill, Possibly the Best Banh Mi in NYC

A banh mi (the word itself means baguette in Vietnamese) is essentially an Asian hero sandwich. The classic is filled with pâté, slices of what can only be described as pork loaf, pickled vegetables, fresh coriander, jalapeño slices. It's dressed with fish sauce, mayo, and hot sauce (usually Sriracha) and served on a warmed baguette. Could the chef-driven banh mi shop be a rising trend? More

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