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A Sandwich A Day: The Lobster Club at Brinkley's

The $23 lobster club at Brinkley's is, quite obviously, a $23 sandwich. This is an absurd price to pay for a sandwich. Then again, this is a pretty absurd sandwich, which frankly justifies the price. In a city where a single lobster roll can push $30, you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere save a Chinese restaurant serving this volume of lobster for this price. More

Le Cirque Pops Up on the LES

If Le Cirque has always felt a little too frou-frou-fancy, but you still want an excuse to experience it, "The Feast: L.E.S. Cirque" pop-up kicked off last night and will spend the next three nights hosting dinners inside the Hotel on Rivington. Le Cirque's executive chef Craig Hopson is heading downtown and wants the menu to be a little more "downtown," too. What exactly does that mean? Cocktail pairings with three-course meals, where one ingredient is spotlighted each night. (It also means more Katy Perry playing in the rooftop penthouse-turned-event-space.) Check out our lobster dinner last night. More

Street Food: Red Hook Lobster Pound

The Red Hook Lobster Pound started out two years ago, with Susan Povich and her husband trucking up to Maine, stocking up on live, freshly caught lobster, and trucking back to Red Hook, where the couple sold them to lucky folk like you and me. In the intervening years, Red Hook Lobster Pound has, in the words of the guy manning the counter when I ordered my rolls, "kind of exploded." More

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