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New UWS Legend Branch: For Best Results, Stay Away From the Spice

Recently, a branch of Legend opened up in the old Rack and Soul space on 109th off of Broadway (may it rest in peace). The Chelsea location of the restaurant is up there with Cafe China as my favorite hot-and-spicy Chinese in Manhattan. The Upper West Side location has nearly the same menu (albeit with slightly higher prices and lacking in the strange Vietnamese tack-on the downtown location has), all the way from the steamed chicken in chili oil to the beef and turnip casseroles. Here's how it stacks up. More

TGI Fry-Day: Sweet Potato Cakes at Legend

Think of these cakes as delicately fried mochi, coated in sesame seeds and stuffed with a sweet potato filling that's custard-soft with a bit of chew. The jolt of warm sweet potato flavor is enough to shock you out of the ma la monotony that can sometimes accompany even great Sichuan meals. More

11 Eggplant Dishes We Love in NYC

Eggplant is one of those culinary chameleons that can take on the flavors of just about any cuisine. Italian? Bring on the mozzarella. Japanese? Hello, miso. Indian? Israeli? Sichuan? Azerbaijani? All good. The humble eggplant has an awful lot of stamps in its passport. So let's look at our favorite eggplant dishes in the city. More

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