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Meet the Tiny Lunch Counter Tucked in a Midtown Loading Dock

Craig Cavallo 7 comments

I found El Sabroso after helping a friend move things into a Midtown showroom. We took turns bringing boxes into the freight entrance of 265 37th Street. In the loading dock, where there should have been freight elevators, there was a lunch counter instead, with six stools, one table, and a glossy red menu with the words "El Sabroso Restaurant" at the top. More

Sabrosura Serves The Bronx's Best Fried Rice

Bronx Eats Chris E. Crowley 2 comments

There is an exemplary fried rice called chaulafan to be found in Mott Haven at the Ecuadorian restaurant Luchos Barrios, but to my taste the best fried rice in the Bronx is farther north. It is at Sabrosura, the Parkchester staple billed by its owners as an "American-Born Chinese Dominican Eatery." More

Skip the Pupusas, Go for the Chicharrones at La Cabana Salvadorena 2

Bronx Eats Chris E. Crowley 1 comment

Skip the pupusas and go straight for fried yuca with some of the best chicharrones we've had in the Bronx. More

Go for the Ecuadorian Fried Rice at Lucho Barrios in the Bronx

Bronx Eats Chris E. Crowley Post a comment

Just a couple quiet blocks from the bustling Hub, Lucho Barrios is—despite the drawn shades and a building that calls to mind a gentleman's club—bright and welcoming. The Ecuadorian food is a mixed bag, but stick to the fried rice and you'll do fine. More

A Must-Eat Arepa in Bushwick

A Sandwich a Day Niki Achitoff-Gray 1 comment

With plate glass windows and no liquor license to speak of, Arepera Guacuco seems to occupy an in-between space in the Bushwick restaurant scene, neither precursor to nor byproduct of the neighborhood's gentrification. It's a category unto itself, a cheerful space decorated with Venezuelan chachkies that has earned a loyal local following on the merit of its small, traditional menu of affordable, exceedingly well-executed arepas. More

Venezuelan Arepas at El Aripo Café

Ida Yu 2 comments

El Aripo Café is a tiny (read: 12 seats), nondescript arepa joint cranking out satisfying arepas with traditional flavors. They're all made from dense corn dough patties that remain moist on the inside but pick up a toasty golden crust outside after being griddled. And unlike some other arepas we've tried in the past, the corn dough bears a faint but unmistakable flavor of corn, an ideal flavor backdrop for all of the fillings. More

Get Some Cheese Before Your Steak at Chivito D'Oro

Max Falkowitz 6 comments

The bread basket at this Uruguayan steakhouse is piled high with big, fluffy rolls. They're fresh and warm, but not that good—their crust is lacking, their crumb is bland. But they serve an important purpose that I consider as vital to a meal here as the meat itself: they take care of the Provolone ($7.50). More

Bronx Eats: A Few Steps from Yankee Stadium, Pernil Sandwich and Tostones at Molino Rojo

Bronx Eats Chris E. Crowley Post a comment

The food at Molino Rojo, a Dominican steamtable conveniently located right off the 161st Street stop, won't blow you away. But you will leave satisfied, so long as you order right. And for those running late to the game, for whom a diversion up to Nano Billiards would prove too time consuming, Molino offers a decent alternative. More

Finding Hudutu at the Bronx's Garifuna Day

Chris E. Crowley 4 comments

Every April, the Bronx's Garifuna community gathers in Mott Haven to celebrate the arrival of their ancestors in Honduras. And there you can find rare examples of the culture's cooking, including hudutu: a coconut-based seafood soup worth seeking out. More

Bronx Eats: For the Best Dominican Food in Town, Head to Nano Billiards

Bronx Eats Chris E. Crowley 2 comments

Nano is unexpectedly one of the South Bronx's best restaurants, a place that will change your mind—assuming you didn't grow up in San Domingo—about what Dominican food can be. More

TGI Fry-Day: Maduros at Cevicheria El Rey

TGI Fry-Day Max Falkowitz Post a comment

Fried sweet plantains are common enough, but at Cevicheria El Rey in Elmhurst they're exceptionally sweet. More

Market Tours: El Gauchito, an Argentinian Steakhouse and Butcher in Queens

Clara Inés Schuhmacher 10 comments

The first hint that you've entered Argentinean/Uruguayan territory is the telephone pole on the corner of Corona Avenue and Junction Boulevard. It's painted blue and white, the colors of the flags of both countries. The second hint? El Gauchito: a butcher/restaurant. Don't be fooled by the seemingly small spot. Inside you'll find enough Argentinean goods to make any hardened expat or recent tourist ecstatic. More

Bronx Eats: Arepitas and Chimis at El Rincon de Las Frituras, Kingsbridge

Bronx Eats Chris E. Crowley Post a comment

This Dominican street vendor doesn't do the best cooking in the Bronx, but it offers a reasonably tasty burger-like sandwich for the under-$5 price. More

We Eat Every Arepa at Caracas Arepa Bar

The Serious Eats Team 11 comments

There are twelve arepas on the menu at Caracas Arepa Bar, and a number of sides all fighting for your attention. Which are the best at this East Village and Williamsburg favorite? We ate them all to find out. More

Market Tours: Maricel Presilla's Hudson County, NJ Latin Supermarkets

Andrew Coe 4 comments

When the James Beard Award-winning chef Maricel Presilla goes to cook Latin American food, her first stops are the markets in Hudson County, New Jersey, where she can find everything from enormous cow feet for menudo to Peruvian dried corn for ceviche. More

Looking for Pupusas in Queens: Jamaica and Beyond

Sara Markel-Gonzalez 11 comments

[Photographs: Sara Markel-Gonzalez] More Intel All Queens Roundups » Pupusas. There is a lot to love about these filled, griddled corn cakes from El Salvador. I suppose they can be compared to Mexican gorditas because of the corn masa,... More

Bogota Bistro: Half Colombian, Plenty Tasty

Nikki Goldstein 7 comments

[Photos: Carey Jones] I've always been on the lookout for good Colombian food in the city, having been raised in Miami in a Colombian family. But nearly six years into my quest, I've found that it's not so easy... More

Sugar Rush: SolMaya Brand Oatmeal Shake

Erin Zimmer 2 comments

Photograph by Robyn Lee Oatmeal is a beautiful thing. Even people who don't know my last name or anything else about me, know I am obsessed. So when Robyn found cans of the Avena Oatmeal Shake at Fine Fare,... More

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