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A Sandwich A Day: The Lamb 'Hot Pocket' At Certé

This fried sandwich/pastry is stuffed with tender sautéed kale, tangy goat cheese-spiked potato, and red wine-braised lamb of incredible quality: juicy and so flavorful that everyone who tried it couldn't help but say "lamb-y!" or "whoa, lamb!" as soon as they'd had their first bite. Get this September special while you can. More

A Sandwich a Day: Leg of Lamb at Bedouin Tent

Bedouin Tent's leg of lamb sandwich ($8) rolls just-baked pita around green letttuce, tomato, onion, and (of course) slices of roasted leg of lamb. The well-done lamb meat is powerfully seasoned, particularly heavy on black pepper and roasted garlic and nudged to a higher level of flavor by the house's tasty lemon-mint mayonaise. More

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