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7 Great Places for Soft-Serve in NYC

If given a choice between soft-serve and regular ice cream, I'd take soft-serve in a second. I'm crazy for its airy-light texture, how it's always perfectly lick-off-the-cone-able. And New York happens to be an excellent place for soft-serve, ranging from treats as simple as Mr. Softee to as complex as coconut soy milk soft-serve or goat's milk orange blossom. Come see 7 of our favorites in the city! More

9 Warm Chocolate Desserts We Love in NYC

There's a season for everything, and the first few months of each year are the season for warm chocolate desserts. From the silky hot fudge that tops ice cream sundaes and soft-serve filled eclairs, to molten chocolate cakes (and one with a molten green tea-white chocolate interior!), we've got you covered. Check out nine warm chocolate desserts we love this winter. More

Top 5 Restaurant Sweets of 2010

Picking just five restaurant desserts is no easy feat—but in this list, you'll find plated desserts that are both delicious and accessible. At most places, you can just drop in at the bar or during off hours for dessert alone; and for the Chocolate Ricotta Tortino at Del Posto, make it the your dessert selection for their excellent $29 http://newyork.seriouseats.com/2009/12/new-menu-lunch-at-del-posto-mario-batali-italian-four-star-gamble-review.html. Today, the Top 5 Restaurant Sweets of 2010. More

Kyotofu's Dessert Kaiseki

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] Kyotofu in Hell's Kitchen offers a lunch dessert kaiseki during the day— $17 for five "courses" plated on one large dish. The components change every now and then, but you can always count on the... More

Sugar Rush: New Soft Serve at Kyotofu

At first glance this may look like your standard chocolate/vanilla swirled soft serve, but it most definitely is not. It's the latest offering from Kyotofu, the Japanese dessert restaurant/bakery/tofu shrine in Hell's Kitchen. Added to the menu at the... More

Shochu Tasting at Kyotofu

Online food magazine Cravings is having a shochu tasting event at Kyotofu. Shochu is a distilled liquor popular in Japan—often weaker than whisky but stronger than sake. The respective staffs of Cravings and Kyotofu will match different types of sochu... More

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