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Sugar Rush: Chocolate Truffle Cake from Sacred Chow

Sugar Rush Ari Rudess 1 comment

Most vegan and gluten-free sweets taste unavoidably healthy in one way or the other. Not this one. More

A Sandwich a Day: Chicken Shawarma at Mr. Broadway Kosher Deli

A Sandwich a Day Max Falkowitz 1 comment

I appreciateplaces like Mr. Broadway, but I rarely visit them for lunch since the quality is usually pretty low. But when a trustworthy source recommended their chicken shawarma despite its $12 price tag, we decided to give it a shot. More

Market Tours: Schwartz's Kosher Supermarket in Williamsburg

Clara Inés Schuhmacher 19 comments

Like a trip to Flushing, where English signs are hard to come by, a stroll down Lee Avenue in Brooklyn's South Williamsburg—home to the Satmar Chassidim—uncovers a community conducted (almost entirely) in Yiddish. Shwartz Kosher Supermarket, which has served the community for over 50 years, can help with the translation. More

Lunch Today: House Special Tofu at Buddha Bodai

Lunch Today Carey Jones 3 comments

In looking for great tofu in Chinatown, we headed down to Buddha Bodai where we tried the House Special Tofu ($12.95). More

Passover Headquarters: A Trip to Pomegranate in Midwood

Caroline Russock 3 comments

Pomegranate market in the Midwood section of Brooklyn has been called the "kosher Whole Foods." It's a market that transports you to the suburbs of Long Island or New Jersey with its wide aisles lined with high-end items, a full... More

'Beef Egg Rolls' at the New Kosher Oasis Cart

Carey Jones Post a comment

[Photograph: Midtown Lunch] Over at Midtown Lunch, Zach Brooks chows down at the New Kosher Oasis Cart on West 47th. Most of the food is pretty standard, but he seems to be a big fan of the beefy, spicy... More

New Kosher Offerings in New York

Carey Jones 2 comments

[Photograph: Robyn Lee] Upper West Side eaters now have a lot more kosher options, according to Jewish Week. The new Whole Foods has a whole section devoted to kosher prepared foods, and the wine store sells 28 different kosher... More

Seriously Strange Schnitzels at Sandwich Bar

Joe DiStefano 1 comment

When it comes to eating out at kosher restaurants I tend to stick to the holy trinity: deli, falafel and shwarma. Sure I’ve tried kosher Chinese, but once was enough. Kosher interpretations of other cuisines usually don’t translate very... More

Ko Is Not for Ko-sher People

Erin Zimmer 6 comments

It's hard to say no to a friend throwing a Ko reservation at you on GChat, even if it's a couple hours before the arrival time. Such was the case last Friday when my friend, and his nimble typing... More

Vegan Fried Taro 'Duck' at Buddha Bodai

Robyn Lee 2 comments

Buddha Bodai and fried taro duck. I know vegetarian duck tastes nothing like real duck, but that doesn't mean it doesn't taste good. Sometimes I actually do prefer the meat imitating stack of chewy bean curd skins to the... More

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