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Date Night: Bistro Lamazou

When we discovered that the family behind beloved cheese-and-sandwich shop Lamazou opened a bistro down the street, we looked forward to frilly curtains, mismatched plates, and other elements of an overstuffed, comforting vibe. After all, Lamazou is the kind of place that rounds down the price of your order, telling you to make up the difference whenever, or that takes the time to patiently explain the subtle differences between obscure cheeses, a queue out the door notwithstanding. But the newly opened Bistro Lamazou wouldn't be out of step in Las Vegas or in a 1970s acid trip. It's pretty off the hook. More

Date Night: Vatan

Assuming you're OK with the setting, Vatan makes for a lovely dinner: tables are far apart, a sitar plays softly from hidden speakers, you don't have to worry about what to order or how to pronounce it, and you're shielded from the fratmosphere of Third Avenue. It's best for: a gut-busting, palate-pleasing, serenity-restoring date. More

Riverpark: Tom Colicchio Presents Sisha Ortuzar

When you walk into the Alexandria, the new bio-tech center building on the banks of the East River, you are confronted by a sign: Riverpark, a Tom Colicchio restaurant. But if you go on to have a couple of very fine meals there—as we did—it is highly unlkely that you will find Mr. Colicchio there. It's chef-partner Sisha Ortuzar running the kitchen. When pressed for a pithy description of the menu at Riverpark, Ortuzar said it was American food with a New York point of view. When pressed on whether the restaurant lacked focus, he said with a giggle, "It is all over the place in a controlled manner." And that's about right. More

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