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Video: Katz's Only Jewish Waiter Really Hates His Job

Max Falkowitz 14 comments

David Manheim has dreams of his own talk show some day, but for now he's Katz's sole Jewish waiter. To share his grievances of working there he made this video—part audition tape, part Yiddishe jeremiad—about a day in the life of a server at the 125-year-old deli. More

Gift Guide: Easy to Ship, Only in New York Foods

Max Falkowitz 6 comments

Shopping for a New York expat? Convincing a buddy to move here? You can't send New York attitude or that creeping feeling of paying godknowshowmuch for a studio apartment—but you can send proper pastrami. And smoked fish. And any number of the city's top cookies. Here are nine Only in New York food businesses—traditional and new—that will take care of all the shipping for you to deliver your gifts nationwide. More

Katz's Deli: Beyond the Pastrami

Ed Levine 20 comments

"I didn't even know that Katz's had a printed and laminated menu." [Photographs: Robyn Lee] Katz's Delicatessen 205 East Houston Street, New York, NY 10002 (at Ludlow; map); 212-254-2246; katzdeli.com‎ Service: Countermen are brusquely charming, waiters are right out of... More

What Are the Must-Eats in Your City?

Carey Jones 125 comments

Potential New York must-eats. [Photo: Robyn Lee] There's a good thread going in Talk about the best food places for a tourist to visit in Manhattan. Commenters have named a few great places—classics like Katz's Deli for pastrami and... More

The Great Pastrami Taste-Off: Katz's in New York vs. Langer's in Los Angeles

Ed Levine 38 comments

"What really blew us all away was the double-baked bread." [Photos: Carey Jones] Ever since I wrote my pastrami story for the New York Times a few years ago, I've wanted to conduct a taste test between Katz's Delicatessen in... More

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