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L'Apicio: Crowd-Pleasing Italian In the Best of Ways

Carey Jones 4 comments

Opened in November just off the Bowery, L'Apicio is not Gabriel Thompson and Joe Campanale's first foray into Italian—but it certainly is their biggest. They built their reputation on Dell'Anima, L'Artusi, and Anfora, restaurants (and a wine bar) of the no-reservation, close-quarters set. L'Apicio has left that Village, and that Village aesthetic: a Bowery restaurant on the scale of DBGB. Soaring ceilings, a separate front lounge, three folks at the hostess table: it's a sizable operation, as far away from their cozier early projects as it gets. But L'Apicio proves that they do, in fact, have the ability to scale, and scale successfully. More

First Look: L'Apicio, More Playful Italian by Gabe Thompson and Joe Campanale

Max Falkowitz Post a comment

The mission behind Gabriel Thompson and Joe Campanale's new venture, L'Apicio, is refreshingly simple: continue to cook the same playful Italian food that's won such praise at Dell'Anima and L'Artusi, but in a larger space and with an eye towards new growth. That means a pull to the familiar, but with evolution, not repetition. More

Mix It Up: The Farmer's Friend at Anfora

Laren Spirer Post a comment

[Photograph: Laren Spirer] Anfora is primarily a wine bar. Like its sister restaurants, dell'Anima and L'Artusi, it is known for its well-chosen and often unique wine selections, made in large part by partner Joe Campanale. What you might not... More

Meet & Eat: Joe Campanale, L'Artusi and dell'Anima

Meet and Eat: NY Laren Spirer 1 comment

Author's note: Joe Campanale has accomplished quite a bit for someone who hasn't even reached the tender age of 25. When he became a sommelier at Babbo, he was one of the youngest in the country. He holds an M.A.... More

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