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Slurped: The Penang-Style Fried Cubes at Sanur

We all agreed that the restaurant being in a basement was not off-putting. This could not be said of the steep and grimy stairs which lead to 18B Doyers, the restaurant portion of Sanur. Still, I would happily take those stairs again for another serving of the ineptly named "fried-cubes," certainly the most cubically shaped noodles I have ever eaten. More

Tastes of Serious Indonesian Cuisine at the Indonesian Bazaar

I kept hearing whispers from Indonesians, well-fed travelers, and fellow New York food explorers that the city's best Indonesian food can be found at an Indonesian mosque in Astoria, where a bazaar sets up in the warmer months. I haven't eaten broadly enough to know if that's true, but after this weekend's bazaar I can easily say this was the best Indonesian food I've ever had. I ate plenty of "Best X's of My Life," and even more dishes I've never seen or heard of before, all of which ranged from excellent to outstanding. More

The Vegetarian Option: Upi Jaya

I've long heard that for authentic Indonesian I should head up to Elmhurst and check out Upi Jaya, so on a recent January night I headed up to Queens, with Carey's exhortations to beware of shrimp paste and other hidden non-vegetarian ingredients ringing in my ears. More

Date Night: Bali Nusa Indah

As you can guess from the name, Dutch plantation owners in Indonesia invented rijsttafel ("rice table"), in order to try a wide sampling of indigenous dishes. At Bali Nusa Indah, rijsttafel ($27) comes with 11 in all. It's a great date option because (1) everyone's bound to like something and (2) tiny tastes of a lot of things provides an introduction without commitment, like speed dating for the palate. More

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