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Where to Eat with Vegetarians and Meat Lovers in NYC: An Omnivorous Guide to 60 Restaurants

Being a vegetarian in New York isn't the challenge it used to be, but that doesn't mean it's always easy. Sure, most restaurants these days offer one or two decent vegetarian options, but sometimes you don't want the pasta or a meal made cobbled together from side dishes. With that in mind, here are 60 recommendations for restaurants that accommodate vegetarians without disappointing carnivores. More

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Adam and Max's Astoria

Astoria is a friendly, comfortable, and affordable place to live, but above all else, it's a place to eat. The fare probably isn't what you grew up with, but it doesn't take long to start eating like a true blue Greek/Italian/Egyptian/Serbian/Latin American/who knows what else. Seriously, the amount of ethnic food here is staggering. Go forth with a sense of adventure and you'll be richly rewarded with a polyglot dining scene growing in every direction at once. More

A Sandwich A Day: Weekend Debris at Il Bambino

Il Bambino, Astoria's beloved "paninoteca," is often filled with regulars lunching on the popular prosciutto panini with gorgonzola dolce and fig spread, but if you find yourself there for weekend brunch, go for the Weekend Debris ($10). Sliced Italian sausage, soft scrambled eggs, piquillo peppers and pecorino cheese are sandwiched into crusty bread and pressed to the perfection. The kicker? A healthy dose of Il Bambino's house-made chili oil, a slightly sweet and spicy concoction that adds that extra oomph. More

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