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Lunch Today: Dumplings and Dry Noodles with Minced Pork Sauce at Lam Zhou

Lunch Today Max Falkowitz 2 comments

This East Broadway noodle shop does a broth-free bowl of noodles well worth ordering, along with some of my favorite dumplings in Chinatown. More

Looking For the Best Hand-Pulled Noodles in Chinatown, NYC

Chichi Wang 17 comments

Hand-pulled noodles are dramatic to watch being made. Starting with one cylindrical rope of dough, a noodle maker pulls and tug on that rope and folds it over his fingers, weaving his hands back and forth as if playing an accordion, each time stretching out the dough so that before long all ten of his fingers hold up progressively thinner strands of one singular, unbroken string of dough. The chewy texture and slightly irregular shape of a hand-pulled noodles keeps each strand interesting and fun to eat. So we checked out five hand-pulled noodle joints in Manhattan's Chinatown, looking for the best the neighborhood had to offer. More

'Eating is Fun, Happy Every Day' With Lamb Noodle Soup

Joe DiStefano 2 comments

“Eating is fun, happy Every day!!” That statement rings so true that I’d get the Chinese characters tattooed down my arm, if only that is what the sign said. Zi bu yang rou hui mian means something to the... More

Fantastic Lamb Noodle Soup Returns to Golden Shopping Mall

Joe DiStefano 9 comments

Long before the New York Times wrote about the wonderful regional Chinese fare available in the food court of Flushing’s Golden Shopping Mall serious eaters were abuzz about the fantastic lamb noodle soup available in a joint across from... More

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