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Off the Beaten Path: Seasoned Small Crab at Assi Plaza

Joe DiStefano 2 comments

New Jersey’s Mitsuwa is to Japanese food what Flushing's Assi Plaza is to Korean cuisine. Both are Wal-Mart sized megastores that sell all manner of dry goods, fruit, vegetables, meats, fish, condiments, and cooking equipment, and it even boasts... More

Stuffing Peppadews from Sahadi's Importing Company

Barbara Hanson 7 comments

When I first started writing about New York food markets for Serious Eats, I asked friends to recommend stores for me to explore. Three-quarters of them answered: Sahadi's. Well, I thought, no need to go there if everyone knows... More

Noodling Around Hong Kong Supermarket

Barbara Hanson 5 comments

Hong Kong Supermarket, one of eleven stores in a small chain of such markets on each coast, is on East Broadway in Manhattan's Chinatown. That is pretty much all I can tell you about it. The website that looks... More

Making Toad in the Hole With Myers of Keswick Sausage

Barbara Hanson 3 comments

Or, "Why Did We Want Independence from This?" Myers of Keswick feels as though it has been looking out on Hudson Street forever, which, in Manhattan terms is true; the self-styled "Bastion of Albion in Manhattan," opened its doors 23... More

Off the Beaten Path: Strauss Israeli Pudding From Amalya Grocery

Joe DiStefano 1 comment

It's like the Israeli Kozy Shack. When most eaters think of Main Street in Queens, the first thing that comes to mind is the wealth of incredible Chinese food that’s available in Flushing. But if you travel Southeast along... More

Using Aleppo to Za'atar from Kalustyan's

Barbara Hanson 7 comments

Editor's note: Please welcome Serious Eats community member BaHa, aka Barbara Hanson, who will be checking in now and again with dispatches about the various little one-of-a-kind food stores and markets in New York. Here is her recipe for A-Z... More

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