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13 Great Breakfasts in the West Village

The West Village is one of New York's more receptive neighborhoods to lingering breakfasts, from busy coffee shops to lazy cafes, no shortage of all-day bistros and a wealth of bakeries. So where do we go to start the day while we're there? That depends on the mood: doughnut or croissant, French scrambled eggs or Cuban heuvos rancheros? More

Date Night: El Charro Español

By all accounts El Charro serves a mean sangria and snappy margarita. We're less sure about the nachos, on the menu, perhaps, to please the kids; and the music, a mildly disconcerting medley of Three Doors Down and Stevie Nicks. But the vivid cooking and utter lack of trendiness have their own charms. El Charro is best for: a date to el país viejo. More

Lunch To-Go: Vegetable Sides at Otto

While I would feel awkward going into Otto to have just vegetable side dishes ($5 each) as my entree, I've been doing this as part of my takeout meals for years. Known primarily for pasta and pizza, Otto is really best for their vegetable sides—one of my favorite parts (excluding gelato) of the menu. More

Kids Welcome: Mermaid Oyster Bar

With a chic seaside shack decor, a hopping happy hour, and very high decibels, the Oyster Bar is a vibrant restaurant that pleases both parents and children with a wide selection of oysters and an appetizing variety of hot dishes. More

Brunch at Minetta Tavern: Your Way In The Door

Minetta Tavern is one of those restaurants that is virtually impossible to get into for dinner at a regular time—unless you're a regular yourself, or you're close with someone who is. That's a real shame, because it is in fact one of the better restaurants in New York. But at brunch? Even a layperson can call and score a reservation for six on a weekend. No problems, no hassle, no nothing. Here's your opening; take it and run. More

Hit and Miss Pizza at Olio Pizza e Più & Zigolini's Pizza Bar

Pizza in New York CIty is—and has been—having not just a moment but an era. With more than a handful of new pizza joints having opened in the last couple of months (and even more set to open in the next few weeks), our man Ed Levine, who's off SENY review duty this week, sent me out to a couple of the more promising-looking pizzerias to report back. More

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