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Serious Eats Remembers Gray's Papaya

We were heartbroken to learn this week that the West 8th Street Gray's Papaya closed thanks to a $20,000 rent hike. The original Upper West Side location remains intact, and owner Nicholas Gray is looking for new Papaya spots, but this closing irreversibly endangers the New York hot dog just that much more. Here are our thoughts and memories about Gray's. More

8 Great Late Night Bites in the West Village

Known for its aggressive community boards as much as for its bevy of iconic New York dining institutions, Manhattan's West Village caters to palates and pocketbooks of every denomination. While its status as a safe haven for creative and alternative lifestyles is on the wane, the neighborhood remains one of the best areas on the island for the nocturnally hungry to snag a midnight snack. More

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