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Gift Guide: Locally Made Treats from NYC Food Artisans

Food Artisans Stephanie Klose 1 comment

Whether you're looking for an office grab-bag gift or a substantial present for someone you adore, there's something from New York's food artisans that'll meet your needs. More

The Lasting Impact of Hurricane Sandy on NYC's Food Artisans

Food Artisans Stephanie Klose 1 comment

Three weeks later, how are New York's food artisans recovering from Hurricane Sandy? Some are getting back on their feet, but for others there's still a long road to recovery. More

A Thanksgiving Shopping Guide to NYC's Food Artisans

Food Artisans Stephanie Klose 1 comment

The city's food artisans offer up myriad products to help you through the holidays, whatever your particular needs may be. Here's a guide to just some of the locally made specialty foods to help set your Thanksgiving table. More

Artisan Food Gifts for People You May or May Not Have in Your Life

Food Artisans Stephanie Klose Post a comment

Stroopwafels from The Good Batch. [Photo: Kathy YL Chan] Editor's note: We had our Food Artisan columnist Stephanie Klose come up with great locally-made food gift ideas for all sorts of folks on your gift list. Take it away,... More

Food Artisans: Granola Lab

Food Artisans Stephanie Klose 3 comments

Alex Crosier's latest Granola Lab product was inspired by a difficult-to-find street-cart snow cone flavor. "The carts always have a few standard flavors: lemon, coconut, cherry," she says, "but sometimes, if you're really lucky, they'll have tamarind." Well, she thought, why not tamarind granola? More

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