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A Sandwich a Day: Lo Scandinavo at Grandaisy Bakery

A Sandwich a Day Amanda Nichols 1 comment

We've gushed about Graindaisy before; here's a vegetarian sandwich that's just as good as the others we've tried. More

A Sandwich A Day: Panino Soppressata at Grandaisy Bakery

A Sandwich a Day Sam Levison Post a comment

Soppressata might be the new pepperoni, but it will always be the stuff of sandwiches in my eyes. Grandaisy Bakery channels the classic salami sandwich with its Panino Soppressata. More

A Sandwich A Day: Panini Sardo at Grandaisy Bakery

A Sandwich a Day Sam Levison Post a comment

Grandaisy's fresh bread contrasts nicely with the insides: thin-sliced roasted zuchinni, ricotta, dried currants, olive tapenade and fresh mint. For a refreshing vegetarian lunch on the go in unrelenting summer heat, this sandwich is a great choice. More

Sugar Rush: Ricotta-Pistachio Turnover at Grandaisy Bakery

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

The filling of this turnover ($3.75) is composed of three very wonderful components: fresh ricotta cheese, toasted pistachio, and candied citron. The citron is cut into a tiny dice and folded along with the pistachios into the ricotta. Just enough sugar for a faintly sweet finish. More

Sugar Rush: Tortino Di Zenzero at Grandaisy Bakery

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

The scent, especially when warmed in the oven, is borderline intoxicating. Very holiday appropriate. More

Sugar Rush: Pistachio Danish at Grandaisy Bakery

Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] Whipped in the sweet cheese batter of the Danish ($4.50) at Grandaisy Bakery are raisins and little bits of pistachio, with scant shavings of candied orange to finish. The whole concoction is nestled tight in... More

Sugar Rush: Colazione Francese at Grandaisy Bakery

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] A dessert sandwich for the books: the Colazione Francese ($3.50) from Grandaisy Bakery. The six-inch long segment of their house stirato bread, is sliced, its bottom half slathered with sweet creamy butter. Atop that goes... More

Sugar Rush: Lemon-Blueberry Turnovers at Grandaisy

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 2 comments

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] Sweet but tart enough to make you pucker: a mouthful of bitty blueberries, saucy and accented with lemon, plenty of zest and juice. It's a sugar-speckled wake-up pastry, one very cheerful Blueberry Turnover ($4.50). The... More

A Sandwich A Day: 'Barbabietola,' Beet Sandwich from Grandaisy Bakery

A Sandwich a Day Carey Jones 4 comments

While the Panino Greco at Grandaisy is probably my favorite on the menu, the Barbabietola beet sandwich ($7) is no slouch either—marinated beets, thick-sliced and firm to the tooth, with a sparing spread of goat cheese and a loose mound of arugula, all on fresh, barely crusty stecca bread. Modestly sized, it's a sandwich that a light eater could happily finish. More

A Sandwich A Day: Panino Greco at Grandaisy Bakery

A Sandwich a Day Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

I love all the sandwiches offered at Grandaisy Bakery quite a bit, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Panino Greco ($7). Fresh stecca bread is smothered with skordalia, an garlic-y puree with Greek origins. More

Sugar Rush: Coconut and Dulce de Leche Cake at Grandaisy Bakery

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 4 comments

Many-layered cakes are one of my favorite things to look at. And eat, of course. Lady M's Mille Crepe, the assortment of Icebox Cakesfrom Billy's Bakery—and now, Grandaisy Bakery's Coconut & Dulce de Leche Cake ($4). Spelt wafers are... More

The Dessert Files: Grandaisy Bakery

Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

[Photo: Kathy Chan] At Grandaisy Bakery, we've tasted the glorious pizza bianca, and house sandwiches incorporating bresaola, fresh mozzarella di bufula and speck. But in the sweet department of the bakery, where do you venture? After the jump, our... More

Where To Find Mini Pastries in Manhattan

Carey Jones 1 comment

In the mornings, I often want just a little something tasty with my coffee, not a muffin the size of my head or a cinnamon roll that’ll leave me feeling weighed down all day. So I’ve always been a fan of the mini-pastry: ideally adding a bit of sweetness to my morning and less than a dollar to my bill. More

Manhattan Mashup: Gray's Papaya + Grandaisy Bakery

Erin Zimmer 4 comments

What if you stuffed an average Gray's Papaya dog into Grandaisy Bakery's fluffy pizza bianca? We did it. More

Sugar Rush: Grandaisy's Cookie Sandwich

Zach Brooks 1 comment

Photograph added to the Serious Eats Flickr Pool by cakespy On a recent visit to NYC, Cakespy sampled a number of sandwich cookies at various bakeries and this was their favorite: the "superlative" shortbread cookie sandwich filled with Nutella... More

Artichoke Pizza from Sullivan Street Bakery and Grandaisy: My Favorite Rite of Spring

Ed Levine 2 comments

Every spring I check in at Sullivan Street Bakery and Grandaisy waiting for them to start making their incomparable artichoke pizza. Last week I went and hit paydirt—or should I say, artichoke dirt. Take a look at this slice of... More

Gray's Papaya and Grandaisy Bakery: Dueling Breakfast Sandwiches on West 72nd

Ed Levine 3 comments

From left: Sausage, egg, and cheese on a burger bun, from Gray's Papaya; grilled asparagus, frittata, and asiago cheese on a ciabatta roll, from Grandaisy Bakery. Both next door to each other, near the corner of West 72nd and... More

The Greatest Sandwich in New York (and Maybe the World)

Ed Levine 2 comments

"Do not pile the ham on. Unless you are very wealthy, this will not be a realistic temptation." New York's (and maybe the world's) best sandwich is a pretty simple affair. I made it for the first time on Sunday,... More

A Grandaisy Bakery Opens on the Upper West Side

Ed Levine 4 comments

The Sullivan Street Bakery situation has been difficult to follow, even for someone like me who's known all the parties involved for years. Jim Lahey and Monica Von Thun Calderon were the original partners of the Sullivan Street Bakery on... More

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