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Where to Eat with Vegetarians and Meat Lovers in NYC: An Omnivorous Guide to 60 Restaurants

The Serious Eats Team 9 comments

Being a vegetarian in New York isn't the challenge it used to be, but that doesn't mean it's always easy. Sure, most restaurants these days offer one or two decent vegetarian options, but sometimes you don't want the pasta or a meal made cobbled together from side dishes. With that in mind, here are 60 recommendations for restaurants that accommodate vegetarians without disappointing carnivores. More

Staff Picks: Our Best Cheap Eats in New York

The Serious Eats Team 9 comments

When it comes down to it, most of our favorite things to eat are pretty darn cheap. Sandwiches, burgers, pizza, ice cream...you have to work hard to get these over the $10 price point. But if we had to choose, what would be our absolute favorites? Here are nine ways we answer that question. More

Max's Best New York Bites of 2012

Max Falkowitz Post a comment

This list isn't everything, but it is eighteen ways to answers to the question. From Flushing to Bay Ridge to the Lower East Side...and back to Flushing, here are the bites that made my year. More

7 Can't-Miss Dosas in NYC

Max Falkowitz 28 comments

After you've tried a dozen or so masala dosas, they all start to taste pretty similar. Here are seven standout dosa variations you can't afford to miss in New York City—the dosas so fascinating, flavorful, and well-constructed that you just can't stop eating them. More

Eating in a Temple: The Ganesha Temple Canteen in Queens

Carey Jones 1 comment

[Photos: The Eaten Path] Ganesha Temple, in Flushing, Queens, is one of the oldest Hindu worship sites in the United States, according to James at The Eaten Path. But even more fun might be the cafeteria in the basement... More

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