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Fast Food International: Yooglers and Vivoli

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 6 comments

Two foreign purveyors of chilled treats—each with a very different M.O.—have recently opened in Manhattan. More

Sugar Rush: Fresh and Frozen Yogurt at GRK

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

GRK recently opened their first location in the Financial District, and you can get frozen and fresh Greek yogurt with a combination of toppings. More

5 Great Places for Frozen Yogurt in NYC

Carey Jones 9 comments

New York, like many other cities, has been overrun with frozen yogurt chains like Pinkberry and Red Mango (and about 100 knockoffs thereof). But where can you find even better frozen yogurt in New York? After tasting our way through a few dozen yogurt shops in the city, we've found five that get our stamp of approval. Here they are. More

Daily Scoop: Frozen Yogurt at Culture in Park Slope

Max Falkowitz 1 comment

Sometimes you hear frozen yogurt called "yogurt sorbet," which I've always found strangely contradictory (sorbet, practically by definition, is dairy-free). But the term fits at Culture in Park Slope, where the fro-yo has a lush glassiness and earnest tartness of the best sorbets. It's also the best non-homemade frozen yogurt I've ever had. Pinkberry, eat your heart out. More

For Your Fro-Yo Crazed Valentine: Pinkberry 'Swirly Grams'

Carey Jones 2 comments

Flowers, chocolates, and desserts are all pretty classic Valentine's Day gifts—but, er, frozen yogurt? This year, yogurt chain Pinkberry is delivering "Swirly Grams," gifts of frozen yogurt (or Pinkberry gift cards) wrapped up all pretty and delivered to your Valentine's door. More

The Joyride Truck's Caffeinated Frozen Yogurt

Street Food Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Gone are the days of thinking "Gosh, if only I could caffeinate myself and eat frozen yogurt at the same time." Joyride, a fro-yo-slash-Stumptown-coffee truck that launched this summer, sells something called Buzzed, which is just their normal tart,... More

Thanks, But No Thanks: Pumpkin Spice Frozen Yogurt at Red Mango

Carey Jones 6 comments

[Photo: Carey Jones] We're huge fans of pumpkin desserts at Serious Eats, so Red Mango's seasonal Pumpkin Spice frozen yogurt sounded like a good bet. Unfortunately, however, it was a huge disappointment, tasting almost identical to Red Mango's standard... More

Sugar Rush: Blueberry Pie and New Soft-Serve Flavors at Momofuku Milk Bar

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 7 comments

I stopped by Momofuku Milk Bar late last night with soft-serve on the mind (humid nights call for cold desserts). A quartet of flavors debuted in the afternoon, replacing the former set of lemon verbena, rosemary, blackberry, and apricot... More

Tasty $1 Treats in NYC

Linnea Covington 14 comments

Who would have thought you can eat for $1 in this city? When I started my hunt, I was shocked at how many tasty treats were only a buck. But like shopping at a 99-cent store, these foods are... More

Sugar Rush: Frozen Yogurt at Daydream

Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

In our frozen yogurt saturated city, there's only one place I take my business: Daydream in the East Village. The original tart and tangy yogurt comes in two forms, creamy and icy. The name says it all, and If... More

Sugar Rush: Pinkberry Delivery (Yay or Nay?)

Carey Jones 1 comment

In the ever-escalating frozen yogurt wars, Pinkberry has deployed the ultimate weapon: delivery. (Or, as they prefer, “Swirls on Wheels.”) Their Upper West Side, Midtown East, Gramercy, Chelsea, Union Square, and Village locations each deliver to a pretty generous... More

Sugar Rush: Red Mango's 'Tangomonium'

Sugar Rush Carey Jones Post a comment

Yogurt shop Red Mango (like its close cousin Pinkberry) has built a business off simplicity. Tart, creamy soft-serve, fresh fruit toppings—and that’s it. So when there’s a new flavor, it’s a big deal. Red Mango started off with their... More

Sugar Rush: Understanding Frozen Yogurt at Bloomingdale's Forty Carrots

Sugar Rush Erin Zimmer 9 comments

Photograph kathyylchan on Flickr We've written about the Forty Carrots frozen yogurt before, buried inside the Bloomingdale's seventh floor bedding department. But there are still questions. Questions that need to be answered. Can you get four flavors in one... More

Will the Economy Destroy Frozen Yogurt?

Erin Zimmer 2 comments

Now more than ever, it's hard to justify $5 on a cup of green tea fro-yo that will end in stomach growls five minutes later. MIdtown Lunch reports that Yorganic in the Crystal Pavillion food court on Third Avenue just... More

Sugar Rush: Plain Frozen Yogurt with Honey at Bloomingdale's Forty Carrots

Michele Humes 5 comments

"Psst...that woman...she's taking our picture!" "Oh! The nerve." With that, the gaggle of fur-clad society blondes edged away from my table. Now, if I were a gossip reporter, Forty Carrots, the frozen yogurt source tucked inside Bloomingdale's seventh floor... More

Sugar Rush: Peach Sorbet and Culture Frozen Yogurt at Blue Marble Ice Cream

Sugar Rush Allison Hemler Post a comment

On Labor Day, I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge for none other than my favorite food: ice cream. Having once visited the Blue Marble Ice Cream stand at the Brooklyn Flea, I thought it was time to visit the... More

New Tasti D Logo Isn't Fooling Anyone

Sarah Wolf 9 comments

Their executives can come up with as many streamlined new logos as they want, but Tasti D-Lite's heyday is long over. Despite a brief popularity boost thanks to a few appearances in Sex and the City, the New York–based dessert... More

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