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5 Great Places for Frozen Yogurt in NYC

New York, like many other cities, has been overrun with frozen yogurt chains like Pinkberry and Red Mango (and about 100 knockoffs thereof). But where can you find even better frozen yogurt in New York? After tasting our way through a few dozen yogurt shops in the city, we've found five that get our stamp of approval. Here they are. More

Daily Scoop: Frozen Yogurt at Culture in Park Slope

Sometimes you hear frozen yogurt called "yogurt sorbet," which I've always found strangely contradictory (sorbet, practically by definition, is dairy-free). But the term fits at Culture in Park Slope, where the fro-yo has a lush glassiness and earnest tartness of the best sorbets. It's also the best non-homemade frozen yogurt I've ever had. Pinkberry, eat your heart out. More

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