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Grocery Shopping with Fuchsia Dunlop in Chinatown, NYC

"You have so much more to buy here than we do in London!"

It's the third time in half an hour that Fuchsia Dunlop, cook, writer, and scholar of Chinese food, has said so on our shopping trip through Chinatown.

Fuchsia's new cookbook, Every Grain of Rice, is all about getting the most out of simple home cooked dishes that rely on a couple main ingredients a few supporting pantry items. She took us around Chinatown to show us just what those ingredients were—and how to cook with them.


An Afternoon Tour of Jersey City with Executive Chef of The Dutch, Jason Hua

"Am I really going to live in Jersey City?" Jason Hua, the executive chef at The Dutch, asked himself before moving from Manhattan. But after spending a day across the Hudson river in New Jersey's second most populous city, with its Brooklyn-resembling tree-lined streets and sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline and Ms. Statue of Liberty, you'll start to understand why. Especially when you get to eating. More

Bronx Eats: Why You Should Go on a 6 Train Food Crawl

In the Bronx, the 6 train is—for the epicurious—where it's at. It's borough's most deliciously diverse and exciting route for the food obsessed, preferably accompanied to J. Lo's On The 6 as soundtrack. You're guaranteed to find at least one good bite off almost every stop up to Buhre Avenue, with a diversity and density of food you can't find on other trains around in the borough. With that in mind, here's your guide to eating some of the best food in the borough without straying too far from the train. More

A Tour of Flushing with Jason Wang of Xi'an Famous Foods and Biang!

Jason Wang, the 25 year-old business manager of the Xi'an Famous Foods mini empire, showed us where he goes for dumplings, noodles, and roast duck over rice. We expected the awesome food, but we also heard a local's story of a neighborhood in cultural and culinary flux, and got a look into the cutthroat, paranoid food industry where every third storefront seems to be a restaurant. More

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