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Market Scene: Ramps and Green Garlic at the Union Square Greenmarket

An unseasonably warm March seems to have jumpstarted the local Greenmarkets, and over the last week we've seen that first polarizing sign of spring for farmer's market regulars: ramps. Not just a few, and not just enough for restaurant chefs to snatch up before regular shoppers arrive, but bushels and bushels of the sweet wild leeks.Click through the slideshow for a closer look at what we saw at the market last week. More

Market Scene: Union Square Greenmarket

As August begins to wind down, it can start to feel like summer's over. If you find yourself in these doldrums, head to your local Greenmarket: it's positively bursting with peak season goodness, from tomatoes to corn to peaches and plums and more. Being in Union Square this week, it felt like we were just getting started. More

Market Scene: Union Square Greenmarket

Okay, I think we can call it now: it really looks like spring at the Greenmarket. As ramps prepare to make their exit—this could be their last week—asparagus, nettles, fiddleheads, edible flowers, and green garlic are all currently available at the market, among some less seasonal items, like fresh goat meat from Ardith Mae and maple cured kilebasa from Tamarack Hollow. Check out what's at the market! More

Market Scene: Union Square Greenmarket in New York

We're just getting into spring, and that means one thing for New York's food lovers: the Greenmarket is once again the place to be. (I'm not trying to slam the winter vendors, who should get a medal for sticking it out in the bitter cold, but you can only get so excited about root vegetables, kale, and more root vegetables.) Yesterday at the Union Square Greenmarket, signs of spring were everywhere: asparagus, ramps, and green garlic were all over the place. More

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