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A Sandwich a Day: Chicken Parm at Faicco's

A Sandwich a Day Craig Cavallo 4 comments

The Chicken Parm Hero from Faicco's in the West Village is a beast of a sandwich, stuffed with three to four chicken cutlets and easily weighing in at over a pound. More

Market Tours: Faicco's Pork Store, the Village's Source for Italian Meats and Imports Since 1900

Lauren Rothman 5 comments

One of New York City's oldest continually-operated businesses, Faicco's Pork Store has been serving up high-quality meats, imported Italian specialties and prepared foods in the West Village since 1900. Edward Faicco, who immigrated from Sorrento, Italy in 1896, opened the store on Thompson Street, which in those days formed the heart of a heavily Italian neighborhood home to pushcart vendors and cobblestone streets. More

Our Favorite Lard Breads in NYC

Good Bread Andrew Coe 16 comments

A peppery porkiness suffused the air at Serious Eats World Headquarters last week. The aroma curled around the nostrils of the worker bees, drawing them from their seats toward a big table covered with plates. "Oh my God, I love that smell!" said one. Ignoring that we'd just had lunch, we prepared to sample ten of the loaves variously called lard or prosciutto bread from around the city. Here are our recommendations for loaves you should seek out. More

25 Pork Sandwiches We Love in NYC

Hally Wolhandler 13 comments

It's hard not to love a pork sandwich. Chicken is great, but nothing matches pork's flavor, fat and versatility (pulled! smoked! cured!). Whether it's juicy barbecue or salty soppressata, pork is kind of our favorite thing to see between two slices of bread. We combed through our sandwiches archives for 25 pork sandwiches that we salivate just to think about. More

A Sandwich A Day: Prosciutto Mozzarella at Faicco's

A Sandwich a Day Christine Chung 2 comments

When it comes to Italian delis in the West Village, Faicco's reigns supreme, and its monstrous sandwiches draw legions of vocal fans. One great choice: prosciutto and mozzarella, which will take care of you for lunch and dinner. More

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