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25 Mexican Tortas and Cemitas We Love in NYC

Craig Cavallo 12 comments

It's hard not to love the Mexican sandwiches we get in New York: versions overstuffed with avocado and refried beans or slender but robust meat delivery vehicles; cemitas on poofy buns or griddled tortas with crisped Portuguese rolls. To add you on your own journey to Mexican sandwich self-discovery, we've rounded up 24 of our favorites from across the city. More

A Sandwich a Day: Suadero Torta from El Tenampa

A Sandwich a Day Max Falkowitz Post a comment

Enormous even by torta standards, it's easy to see why El Tenampa's Mexican sandwiches are a South Slope favorite. More

25 Beef Sandwiches We Love in NYC

Hally Wolhandler 9 comments

Beef, that delicious master of forms. We love it cured into salty pink pastrami and layered on rye. We love it ground with Parmesan, shaped into meatballs, and lined up on a saucy sub. We love tender short ribs and grizzly burnt ends, stringy brisket and tangy corned beef. It's just so tasty in all its outfits; here are 25 to get you drooling. More

Staff Picks: New Sandwich Finds in NYC That Have Us Inspired

The Serious Eats Team 16 comments

We go through a lot of sandwiches in this city, from corner deli classics to highfalutin' double-digit price tag gourmet numbers. Some are good, some not so good, and some are great. And then there are the ones that make us remember just why we love sandwiches as much as we do—sandwiches that get us inspired. What recent sandwich finds are stuck in the crave centers of our brains? Take a look to find out. More

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with 14 Tacos We Love in NYC

The Serious Eats Team 6 comments

There's one way to really celebrate Cinco de Mayo right, and that's by downing as many tacos as you can before passing out from meat-tortilla-salsa paroxysms of joy. There are plenty of tacos we love in New York, but here are some we can't stop thinking about, from fatty carnitas to tangy chorizo to funky goat and tripe. Check out the slideshow above to see the tacos we love; if you eat them all this weekend, we'll buy you a beer. More

Mexican Eats: Tripe Tacos at El Tenampa with JJ Goode

Scarlett Lindeman Post a comment

You'll find fewer taquerias at the North end of Sunset Park, or where ambitious real estate agents call South Slope. Up here there are more funeral halls, delis, and pizzerias than taquerias, but there is El Tenampa, a 4th Avenue grocery doing it all right. More

A Sandwich a Day: Lengua Cemita from El Tenampa

A Sandwich a Day Robyn Lee 2 comments

This hefty sandwich is packed with chunks of tongue—meltingly tender with crispy bits around the edges—layered with ripe avocado slices, crema, crisp red onion, chopped iceberg lettuce, black bean mash, and white cheese. More

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