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Taste Test: Who Has the Best Eggs at the Union Square Greenmarket?

More than once I've brought home a dozen eggs from the greenmarket only to find that they sported pale, diminutive yolks or that they were lacking the freshness that farm-to-market eggs should have. In the interest of helping out those of you who've got the same issues in the past, we took a trip to the Union Square greenmarket to find the best, and to see if they were any better than eggs from the supermarket. More

First Look: Parish Hall, From the Team Behind Egg in Williamsburg

If you know George Weld and chef Evan Hanczor from their first Williamsburg restaurant, Egg—a place well-known for their fried chicken, where the brunch menu boasts biscuits and grits—you might be surprised to find their second, Parish Hall, taking a slightly different tack. But despite its Southern bent, Egg has long made a point of its reliance on New York produce, from the team's own Goatfell Farm upstate. That's the most evident common thread with Parish Hall, which chef Hanczor calls "the cuisine of the Northeast, based on the landscape." More

Goat Specials for 'No Goat Left Behind'

All throughout October, restaurants all over New York City (and across the country) have been participating in "No Goat Left Behind," a project of Heritage Foods USA. Given the demand in this country for goat milk and cheese—but not goat meat—many male dairy coats are killed at birth or otherwise become a financial burden on farmers. Heritage is aiming to raise appreciation for goat meat (tremendously popular elsewhere in the world) by partnering with dozens of NYC restaurants, as well as some from the Bay Area and beyond. More

Video: Egg Restaurant's Vegetable Farm in Upstate New York

Egg is a little restaurant in Williamsburg that started as a Southern brekkie spot (hello, artisan scrapple) then eventually added lunch and dinner service, and now has a six-acre farm upstate. Chef George Weld didn't want to replace the farmers he'd been working with already, he just wanted to understand the food system better. While the restaurant started out pretty pork-crazy, they're now more veggie-driven. More

9 Egg Dishes in NYC I Love

Soft-scrambled, perfectly poached, or fried, I can't resist a great egg dish. While chefs all over New York do crazy, creative things with them, each more impressive than the last, today I'm talking about simpler stuff—the kind I find myself craving, rather than admiring. Here are nine of my favorite egg dishes in New York; what are yours? More

Artisan Scrapple at Williamsburg's Egg

Artisan scrapple may sound as improbable as artisan Spam—practically a contradiction in terms. This mushy American breakfast meat gets a pretty bad rap. The aptly (but unappealingly) named "scrapple" was invented by poor Pennsylvania Dutch farmers to use up... More

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