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A Tour of Flushing with Jason Wang of Xi'an Famous Foods and Biang!

Jason Wang, the 25 year-old business manager of the Xi'an Famous Foods mini empire, showed us where he goes for dumplings, noodles, and roast duck over rice. We expected the awesome food, but we also heard a local's story of a neighborhood in cultural and culinary flux, and got a look into the cutthroat, paranoid food industry where every third storefront seems to be a restaurant. More

RedFarm: Chinese-American Done Justice in the West Village

High-end dim sum is what Ed Schoenfeld and Joe Ng do best. The former is the man behind Chinatown Brasserie, Shun Lee, and Shun Lee Palace; the latter, a dim sum chef Schoenfeld met in Sunset Park and brought on board at Chinatown Brasserie. Almost a year ago, the chef-restauteur pair launched the RedFarm stall in the upscale food court FoodParc, where we loved the dumplings and pastrami egg rolls and quite a bit else. And finally, after a number of delays and what seemed like weeks of preview dinners, they've opened their newest restaurant, also called RedFarm, in a townhouse in the West Village. More

The Vegetarian Option: Shanghai Café

Though I've always loved New York's Chinatown—the food carts and fish markets, fake purses and dazed tourists, and of course all of the food shops, bakeries, and restaurants—eating in the neighborhood can be enough to make any vegetarian a little wary. Still, choose your destination wisely, and it's definitely possible to have a vegetarian meal in Chinatown fashion. More

Street Food: A-Pou's Taste

[Photo: Robyn Lee] Dumplings have always had a way of getting my hopes up. Chewy and starchy, warm and juicy, a genuinely good dumpling is the ultimate comfort food. Yet the dumpling's potential also makes the bad ones all... More

First Look: FoodParc

FoodParc is set to open this Wednesday offering a number of food stands within a single market space in the plaza of the Eventi Hotel. Here's a sneak peek at some of the menu offerings. RedFarm Stand Benton's Smoked Bacon... More

A Walkable Dumpling Tour of Flushing

Here is a great guide to dumplings in Flushing from Place Studies, a site devoted to travel experiences. As the writer Jamie points out, the neighborhood has surpassed Manhattan’s Chinatown as the nation’s largest Chinese population east of the Rockies—ergo,... More

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