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First Look: Gran Electrica in Dumbo

The team behind Colonie in Brooklyn Heights have been wanting to open a Mexican restaurant for a while. "Mexican food is what we find ourselves eating on our days off," said co-owner Elise Rosenberg. Their new spot Gran Electrica has been open about a month now on Front Street in Dumbo, right next to Grimaldi's pizzeria. Instead of slinging pizza dough, they're pressing 400 to 500 corn tortillas a night. More

Bar Eats: reBar

Forget the cheeseburger macaroni or the mac and cheese burger with the bizarre pasta-beef patty. Combining two of America's most classic bar dishes should be as easy and delicious as the version at reBar, one of DUMBO's most beloved gastropubs and event spaces. The premise is simple. Take one thick sirloin beef patty and cook to a juicy medium rare. Pile on gooey no-frills mac and cheese. Top with bun. Squish. Eat. More

Chocolate Chip Cookie Championship: The Brooklyn Edition

While we've had plenty of lively office debates about the merits of different chocolate chip cookies, this was the first week we had a true consensus. The winner was unanimous. The second-place cookie was also a unanimous vote—and every taster decreed it a very, very close runner-up. Third and fourth place? Also unanimous. It made for a very interesting blind test. More

Brooklyn Flea in DUMBO, Now With Food

As VittlesVamp points out, "this could be dangerous." In attendance last weekend at the Brooklyn Flea's winter venue on Front Street: Rafael Soler’s pupusas of Red Hook ballfield fame, Kumquat Cupcakery's lilliputian cupcakes, McClure's Pickles, and a cloud of fine... More

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