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First Impressions of BrisketTown, Delaney Barbecue's New Brooklyn Restaurant

Max Falkowitz 7 comments

We've been paying close attention to Daniel Delaney's smoked brisket adventure since our first taste back in August. He's since opened up a full restaurant in Williamsburg, BrisketTown, a 35-seat counter service space. We paid a visit to see how it's coming along. More

Daniel Delaney's Brisketlab is Some Legit Texas Barbecue in New York

Max Falkowitz 10 comments

We've been watching Daniel Delaney's Brisketlab since he started his brisket-by-the-pound pop-up a few months ago and sold out in 48 hours. Last night, on the heels of announcing a larger-scale pop-up restaurant to come in the fall, we got to try some for ourselves. And we're happy to say that this stuff is pretty legit. More

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