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Sugar Rush: Raspberry Croissant from La Toulousaine

Sugar Rush Niko Triantafillou 2 comments

It's usually a good omen to see repeat customers—especially locals—coming back for something. One had just placed an order for a raspberry croissant, and who am I to argue with the regulars? More

Sugar Rush: Croissants, Pain Au Chocolat, and Scones from Foragers City Grocer

Sugar Rush Niko Triantafillou Post a comment

Foragers City Grocer has started carrying some of its own pastries, to great results. More

We Try the Cronut from Dominique Ansel Bakery

Sugar Rush Niko Triantafillou 7 comments

Dominique Ansel bakery unveiled their doughnut-croissant hybrid last Friday, and it's been selling out by noon in the days since. Here it is. More

Sugar Rush: Croissant at M. Wells Dinette

Sugar Rush Niko Triantafillou 3 comments

The croissant from M. Wells Dinette appears to have more butter worked into it than should be physically possible. More

Sugar Rush: Chocolate Almond Croissant at Patisserie des Ambassades

Sugar Rush Niko Triantafillou 2 comments

if you haven't tried the chocolate almond croissant from Patisserie des Ambassades, you are missing out on a lovely uptown dessert. More

Sugar Rush: Raspberry-Almond Croissant at Mille-Feuille

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 2 comments

Come on a good day at Mille-Feuille and the croissants can be among some of the best in the city. The plain, the chocolate, the almond, and...what's this? A Raspberry-Almond Croissant ($4)? Oh yes indeed. More

Video: Momofuku Milk Bar's Thanksgiving Croissant

Jessica Leibowitz 12 comments

During the month of November, Momofuku Milk Bar dives off into rather savory territory with their Thanksgiving croissant. Each bite contains the most delicious parts of the traditional American meal, sealed inside warm, stuffing-flavored flaky dough. More

Sugar Rush: Christine Ferber Jams and Croissants at Borne Confections

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

And while it might sound ridiculous to have chocolate early in the morning, you'll kick yourself later if you don't pick up Oriol Balaguer Chocolate Pods ($2.50 each) as an afternoon sweet. More

Fast Food International: Paris Baguette

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 5 comments

Editor's note: In "Fast Food International," Krista Garcia will take us around New York to the many international fast food chains that have landed in the five boroughs. She blogs at goodiesfirst.com. Country of origin: South Korea Locations worldwide: China,... More

Who Sells Your Favorite Croissants in New York?

Carey Jones 44 comments

We've embarked on a citywide search for the best croissants to be had in New York, and after a few dozen, we're looking to you for suggestions. Who makes your favorite croissants in the city?... More

Sugar Rush: Raspberry-Almond Croissant at Bouchon Bakery

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] I am sucker for nontraditional twists on the everyday croissant, so it makes sense that I fell for Bouchon Bakery's Raspberry-Almond Croissant. Where to begin? With the interior layer of seed-speckled raspberry jam tucked between... More

Sugar Rush: Banana-Chocolate Croissants at Panya

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] At Panya in the East Village, there are croissants, chocolate croissants, and then a banana stuffed chocolate croissant. A banana is halved once crosswise, once lengthwise, and then tucked neatly between a sprinkle of semi-sweet... More

What's Your Favorite Croissant In New York?

Carey Jones 25 comments

All the polls! Next up in the Serious Eats New York People's Choice Awards: the croissant. There are limp ones on every street cart; there are tasty ones at plenty of patisseries. But the perfect croissant is a rare, rare... More

Sugar Rush: Pistachio Croissants from Petrossian

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

[Photograph: Kathy YL Chan] Petrossian's croissants are quickly moving up my list of favorite croissants in New York City. The plain croissants are wonderful, but later in the morning I often crave something a notch sweeter and a bit... More

How To Make Croissants: Viennoiserie at the NYCE

Chichi Wang 5 comments

"Going to a pastry course always makes me wish I had paid more attention in chemistry class." [Photos: Chichi Wang] Croissant Recipe Here's the recipe (with illustrations) for Karen Bornarth's and Roger Gural's croissants. Croissants may be a time-consuming endeavor,... More

Sugar Rush: The Flakey Tart in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

Sugar Rush The Serious Eats Team 2 comments

Note: This Sugar Rush dispatch comes to us from Dani of The Average Cook. A corporate girl by day and Latin ballroom instructor by night, she also makes room for croissants. Dani is a regular at The Flakey Tart, where... More

Sugar Rush: La Bergamote's Almond Croissant

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 5 comments

The search for the finest almond croissant in New York City is a forever ongoing hunt. Patisserie Claude, when it was run by Claude himself, was home to my favorite almond croissant. But, the minute Claude left, and Pablo... More

Are America’s Best Croissants in Princeton, New Jersey?

Carey Jones 27 comments

I'll be the first to admit it: That's a pretty audacious claim. Our fair nation has no shortage of first-class bakers, whether French, French-schooled, or otherwise, who can turn out one fine pastry. Haitian-born Edwige Fils-Aimé may be tops among them. More

Food That Looks Like Other Food: City Bakery's Pretzel Croissant / Drumstick

Robyn Lee 3 comments

When cut in half, a pretzel croissant from City Bakery looks oddly like a chicken drumstick. The built-in handle makes the croissant easier to eat, although no matter what you do you're going to get buttery flakes of dough... More

Adzuki Bean Croissants at Panya Bakery

Carey Jones Post a comment

"Cross-cultural pollination at its best?" There are many things to love about little Panya Bakery in the East Village— its wide array of Japanese confections; its fluffy, milky white bread sold by the half-loaf; its almost eerily cheery counter girls.... More

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