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Sandwich Hack: How to Make a Soft Shell Crab Banh Mi

Ben Fishner 8 comments

Everything tastes good on a crusty baguette with cucumbers, pickled veggies, mayonnaise, and plenty of cilantro and jalapenos. That's why Eater X, who must remain nameless due to his government job in Chinatown, invented this mashup of a salt baked soft shell crab from Great NY Noodletown stuffed into a vegetarian Vietnamese sandwich from Banh Mi Saigon. More

Queens Eats: Fried Rice Balls Stuffed with Crab Meat at East Ocean Palace

Adam Kuban 10 comments

Maybe I don't get around to enough dim sum parlors, but this dish was new to me when I had it at East Ocean Palace in Forest Hills a while ago. It's on the dim sum section of the menu listed as fried rice balls stuffed with crab meat ($12.95). My mother-in-law was excited to see these on the menu, and they've since made it onto my hit parade of must-order dim sum items. More

First Look: Monday Night Crab Dinners at Kin Shop

Carey Jones 1 comment

"I like being able to play around, change things up a bit," says Harold Dieterle of the crab dinners he's doing at his West Village Thai restaurant Kin Shop every Monday. The five-course meal is $60 per person ($23 extra for beverage pairings) and features crab four ways—plus a crab-inspired ice cream sandwich at the end. More

The Lobster Place is a Little Piece of Maine on Bleecker Street

Barbara Hanson 1 comment

Calvin Trillin once said that he raised his two daughters, Abigail and Sarah, in Kansas City even though the girls grew up in Greenwich Village. I can relate to that, because despite the fact that I am a native... More

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