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Daily Scoop: Corn Gelato at Cones

Carey Jones 4 comments

Argentinian gelato shop Cones is in a tough gelato neighborhood (and ice cream neighborhood in general). But even though we sometimes prefer L'Arte or Grom, Cones has a few killer flavors. More

NYC's Best Ice Cream Neighborhood: A West Village Ice Cream Crawl

Carey Jones 8 comments

We have a working theory at Serious Eats that the West Village is the best single neighborhood in New York for ice cream and gelato. Between the phenomenal gelaterie Grom and L'Arte, the crazy goat's milk soft-serve at Victory Garden, and unbelievable ice cream, gelato, and soft-serve on restaurants' dessert menus, the West Village would be our choice for an ice cream crawl that covers barely more than a few blocks—but gets you some of the best frozen treats in the city. More

8 Great Late Night Bites in the West Village

In the Midnight Hour Zachary Feldman 4 comments

Known for its aggressive community boards as much as for its bevy of iconic New York dining institutions, Manhattan's West Village caters to palates and pocketbooks of every denomination. While its status as a safe haven for creative and alternative lifestyles is on the wane, the neighborhood remains one of the best areas on the island for the nocturnally hungry to snag a midnight snack. More

Top 10 Spots for Pumpkin Ice Cream in New York

Kathy YL Chan 8 comments

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, you may have buttery, flaky holiday pies on the brain. But don't forget about frozen pumpkin sweets, one of the real highlights of the season. We scouted the city for pumpkin goodness in all frozen forms—ice cream, custard, gelato and soft-serve—and here we present you our Top Ten. More

Sugar Rush: Yerba-Maté Ice Cream at Cones

Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] On a recent stop at Cones, the Argentine-style ice cream spot on Bleecker Street, I skipped my usual cup of Zabayone when I saw the owners load a fresh batch of Yerba-Maté ice cream into... More

Who Makes New York's Best Ice Cream?

Carey Jones 14 comments

All the polls! The weather outside may be chilly, but as far as we're concerned, it's always time for ice cream. So today in the Serious Eats New York People's Choice Awards, we're asking you—who makes the city's best ice... More

Sugar Rush: Corn Ice Cream at Cones

Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

When it comes to frozen desserts along Bleecker Street, L'Arte del Gelato is always the first choice, and justly so. Grom is a distant second, and I venture into Cones every once in a big while. Last weekend, I... More

My Top 10 New York Ice Cream Scooperies

Ed Levine 19 comments

These last few days have almost done me in. So I've been treating myself to one scoop of ice cream a day (no more, no less, given my "eat less" diet, which has me down 40 pounds). Here are my... More

July 4th Has Me Thinking about Ice Cream!

Ed Levine 3 comments

When it's July 4th weekend and it's this hot, a man's thoughts turn to ice cream. With the temperature and humidity levels ridiculously high this weekend, I am pleased to report that the Otto ice cream cart is back at... More

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