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TGI Fry-Day: Pandan-Wrapped Chicken Wings at Nyonya

TGI Fry-Day Max Falkowitz 1 comment

I was not expecting Nyonya, a decent if not outstanding Malayasian restaurant we visit now and again, to make one of my favorite plates of chicken wings in New York. But they do. More

TGI Fry-Day: Nagoya Teba (Chicken Wings) at Hinomaru Ramen

TGI Fry-Day Max Falkowitz 4 comments

These glazed chicken wings carry a serious black pepper kick; nostril-clearing fried fare we can get behind in Astoria. More

Our Favorite Buffalo Wings in New York City

The Serious Eats Team 23 comments

With the clock ticking down to the Super Bowl, we've got wings on the mind at Serious Eats. And while there are all sorts of great chicken wing specimens around the city, from Japanese-style to barbecue, this year we're focusing on the American classic: Buffalo-style wings. Deep-fried wings tossed in a mixture of hot sauce and butter are just what we're after. Where did we find the best? More

Motorino Brooklyn Serving Chicken Wings for Summer

Adam Kuban 2 comments

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] In a decidedly upscale take on the pizza-and-wings combo that the chain places push, Motorino Brooklyn in Williamsburg has started offering its own version of the chicken side. Blanched first and then fire-roasted in the same... More

Big Gay Ice Cream Guys Eat Wings at Hooters

The Serious Eats Team 17 comments

Editor's note: Please welcome Bryan Petroff, known to New Yorkers as half of the duo behind the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck—the boldest soft-serve toppers in the Mister Softee universe. Bryan, left; Doug, right; the lovely Gabrielle, top row, third... More

Izakaya Report: Rockmeisha in the West Village

Tam Ngo 6 comments

Editor's note: Izakayas are down-to-earth drinking joints in Japan that also serve food—as in, more than just snacks. They've become more and more prominent in the New York City landscape, and nobody here at Serious Eats knows them better than... More

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