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A Sandwich a Day: Pollo at Sullivan Street Bakery Chelsea

A Sandwich a Day Tiffany Tay 1 comment

Life is sweet when an old favorite food spot can still surprise you with exciting new menu items. Sullivan Street Bakery, you have our attention yet again. More

A Sandwich a Day: Pollo a la Brasa at Raymi

A Sandwich a Day Dana Abu-Dayyeh Post a comment

Raymi treats their chicken sandwich much like their pork: with generous, fatty cuts and ample spicing for a complex but balanced-in-excess sandwich. More

TGI Fry-Day: Fried Chicken Special at Kin Shop

TGI Fry-Day Max Falkowitz 2 comments

Though I've loved virtually everything I've tasted at Kin Shop, this fried chicken special may be a new winner. More

A Sandwich a Day: Man, That's Good at Murray's Cheese Shop

A Sandwich a Day Molly Goldman Post a comment

There's a lot going on in this chicken-pimento-cheese-bacon-avocado sandwich, but Murray's gave it that name for a reason. More

18 Great Chicken Sandwiches in NYC

Molly Goldman 15 comments

A really good chicken sandwich can be hard to find; so many are dry or stringy or downright boring. But great chicken—juicy, flavorful, maybe with some crisp skin in the mix—is perfect sandwich fodder. You can't really beat fried chicken on a bun, but it's just as good grilled and stacked with avocado, roasted and slicked with fat...or, well, we'll let this list of chicken sandwich stars speak for itself. More

A Sandwich a Day: Chicken Filet Sandwich at Schnipper's Quality Kitchen

A Sandwich a Day Gracie Dulik 3 comments

This fried chicken sandwich with pickles and mayo may remind you of one that's been in the news of late, but it's a pretty tasty lunch in its own right. More

A Sandwich a Day: Shish Tawook at Wafa's in Forest Hills

A Sandwich a Day Max Falkowitz 4 comments

Sooner or later, you're going to share a meal with someone who only eats white meat chicken. When you do, take them to Wafa's, share some stellar vegetable appetizers, and let them order the shish tawook ($7.95). You may actually fight them for it halfway through. More

A Sandwich a Day: Pulled Chicken at Harissa Cafe in Astoria

A Sandwich a Day Max Falkowitz Post a comment

The harissa mustard that lightly dresses the shredded chicken is downright addictive—not too hot, but just tantalizing enough to keep you coming back for more. Like its fattier, lambier menu neighbor, the bread for this sandwich is a foot-long baguette from Balthazar Bakery. More

A Sandwich a Day: Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich at Foragers City Grocer

A Sandwich a Day Max Falkowitz 5 comments

When was the last time you couldn't stop taking bites of a chicken sandwich? The mostly dark meat Rotisserie Chicken ($7.95) is incredibly juicy—and it actually tastes like a chicken that walked around a little. More

A Sandwich a Day: Chicken Thigh Wrap at Purbird

A Sandwich a Day Carey Jones Post a comment

Okay, a chicken wrap is usually the last thing I'd order for lunch. But a chicken thigh wrap ($6.25)? At a chicken-focused restaurant? Sounds a little more promising. More

A Sandwich a Day: Chicken Francese from Rubirosa

A Sandwich a Day Erin Zimmer Post a comment

How often do you eat a chicken sandwich and think, wow? Really, wow. Ever? It's a rare situation but the Chicken Francese from Rubirosa ($10) lives in that special realm. More

Pio Pio Vs. Pio Pio Riko: The Battle of the Peruvian Chicken Combos

Sara Markel-Gonzalez 4 comments

Rotisserie chicken is great. Peruvian style rotisserie chicken is even better—and Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken combination meals are the best. Imagine a whole roasted chicken, salad, tostones, rice, beans, and salchipapas (french fries and fried hot dog slices), and as much... More

Motorino Brooklyn Serving Chicken Wings for Summer

Adam Kuban 2 comments

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] In a decidedly upscale take on the pizza-and-wings combo that the chain places push, Motorino Brooklyn in Williamsburg has started offering its own version of the chicken side. Blanched first and then fire-roasted in the same... More

$6.50 Quarter-Chicken and Two Sides Deal from Senor Pollo

Robyn Lee 2 comments

The Senor Pollo madness started with fellow Serious Eats contributor Kathy YL Chan. A few months ago she professed her Senor Pollo love in her blog and has since then repeatedly informed me, "You can get a quarter chicken... More

The Heaven Chicken Is Hellishly Good at Golden Shopping Mall’s No. 31

Joe DiStefano 1 comment

"It was fiendishly hot. So much that Hell Chicken might be a better moniker." It’s been far too long since I partook in the fiery fare at stall No. 31 in Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall. The last time I visited... More

Calvin's Royal Rib House, Bed-Stuy Barbecue Worth the Line

Nina Lalli 5 comments

"People might love the ribs here the exact same way I love my most well-worn muumuu." It has all the signs of deliciousness. Calvin's Royal Rib House, a 30-year barbecue and soul food joint in Bed-Stuy—I would love to avoid... More

How Many Pounds of Chicken Wings Did New Yorkers Eat on Super Bowl Sunday?

Erin Zimmer 3 comments

Despite a supposed dip in chicken production nationwide, New York didn't seem to be in trouble on Super Bowl Sunday. Plenty of chicken wings were consumed; plenty of red-orange fingernails to prove it. Uh, 32,000 pounds of wings alone from Atomic Wings?! More

Food That Looks Like Other Food: City Bakery's Pretzel Croissant / Drumstick

Robyn Lee 3 comments

When cut in half, a pretzel croissant from City Bakery looks oddly like a chicken drumstick. The built-in handle makes the croissant easier to eat, although no matter what you do you're going to get buttery flakes of dough... More

Popcorn Chicken, AKA Chicken Crack, at ViVi Bubble Tea in Chinatown

Tam Ngo 7 comments

Canto-pop stylin's, chicken crack, and Homer Simpson (the patron saint of takoyaki). Heading to dinner in Chinatown, I spied a paunchy Homer statue holding up a sign for takoyaki. Though unsuccessful in coaxing my boyfriend onto Homer's lap, I... More

Young & Hungry: Pollo a la Brasa at Flor De Mayo

Jenn Sit Post a comment

Continuing on my quest for the cheap and delicious in Morningside Heights, I came upon Flor De Mayo, which has not one, but two locations uptown. A restaurant with a split-personality—Flor De Mayo's menu serves up both Chinese and Latin... More

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